Scenario 1

A few months ago my husband went for pizza with his co-workers. They ordered two pizzas, different toppings on each. The server brought the pizza’s and people started taking slices.

I mean, this is what you do at a restaurant: you get served your food and you eat.

One person had taken a slice from pizza A. It turns out pizza A was made with something wrong.

No harm, no foul. Mistakes happen. Server quickly rectified the errant pizza situation.

What my Husband thought was bizarre about this encounter was that the restaurant took back the pizza that had been served incorrectly and was missing a slice.

Now, according to health and safety, that pizza can’t be served to anyone. So should the restaurant have just cut their losses and left the pizza there?

Scenario 2

I sometimes still have trouble finding hand soap, so occasionally I order from Amazon.

Recently I ordered a four pack of hand soap.

When the hand soap arrived, I only received one thing of soap. When I contacted Amazon about the issue, they said I had to send back the one soap, and they would send me a set of four.

Why wouldn’t they send me three additional soaps instead of me returning one?

FYI- after I returned the one soap, when they redelivered they again sent me one soap instead of four. My lesson was when I see soap in the store I buy multiples…


Have you ever had a weird experience when you’ve received the wrong thing? How did you handle it? Did it get resolved to your satisfaction?


48 thoughts on “Does This Make Sense?

  1. Common sense just isn’t common anymore… lol! I’ve had the same issue with Amazon multiple times *insert eye roll here* I try SO hard not to give Amazon my $$ bit it’s a necessary evil sometimes. As for the pizza, that just seems petty to me, I don’t know. But if someone is “wrong” in a restaurant generally the customers don’t want it right? So that makes sense kinda…

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  2. Recently had to return some yarn from JoAnns. They just gave me a credit and told me to keep the yarn or donate it if I didn’t want it. Maybe it was because of the delay it took to get to me?

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  3. Logic says if the pizza is wrong, and the customers have complained, why would they want to keep it? If the customers complain and they then get three pizzas instead of just two, what is to stop them complaining all the time in the hope of free food? In the end, they got what they paid for so they weren’t done down.

    Then, underlying it all there is that slightly illogical feeling that the restaurant ought to have left the “wrong” pizza as it’s no use to anyone once it’s served.

    In the case of Amazon – it’s nudge theory. Making you take thee extra step of sending the soap back is enough to stop a lot of people taking action, so Amazon gets paid and doesn’t need to make it right.

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    1. Is it complaining if you ordered pepperoni and mushroom but they brought pepperoni and olive? The thing is, they can’t serve that pizza to anyone else. They can’t even give it to a homeless person. At least the customer can give it away or bring it home to someone who does Like it. Wasted food is a huge problem. We should never be throwing out food if we can help it.

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  4. I don’t have a lot for this one. I rarely eat out and since I like most food enough not to really care I probably would have just eaten the pizza- but I get it was a group thing…I don’t like the idea of wasting it for no real reason though. Ordering online sorts of mistakes are nearly 99.9% my fault- like that recent bird feeder purchase.

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  5. When I was out of college, I worked in a steak house. People would eat almost their entire meal, then complain. They’d usually get the meal deducted off their bill. It would drive me crazy! As for Amazon, my husband likes a certain flavor of zones bars. I ordered three boxes of 12 for him and the wrong flavor arrived. I contacted Amazon and they told me to keep the wrong flavor and sent the correct one. That worked for me!

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  6. That is very odd – both scenarios. Personally I would not patronize the pizzeria again. I got a freebe pizza the other day when I picked one up and they mistakenly gave me the wrong pizza. Mind you it is in a box I I had not opened nor left the building. They would not take it back. More piza for me. SOAP. That is crazy. I imagine it is a vendor with an Amazon store front but that is still crazy.

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  7. In regards to Amazon, I would have told them I’m not returning it and spending more money, just send me the rest or credit me back everything. Sometimes you have to get tough with their people .I’ve done that in the past and NEVER has Amazon told me not to just keep it and that they’d send me another free of charge for my inconvenience . Usually they send me a discount coupon for their error as well. One time I ordered a spare tire cover for my car on Amazon and they sent me the wrong size.I complained, plus, I threw out the box it came in and they said just keep it and they refunded me my money since they were out of the correct size.

    I did once order a pair of beautiful silver heeled sandals on line for my oldest son’s wedding. I needed to special order in a narrow, but they arrived in the wrong size. I was told they needed to be exchanged. I sent them back and they sent me back two pairs of shoes. One was the one I originally ordered and other one was delivered to me but addressed to a woman across the country. I called Naturalizer and they were baffled because the woman across the country got her pair. So somehow I had a also been sent a wrong sized pair of shoes and they told me to just keep them . Plus, they were a teeny size like a 4. I was going to donate them but my grand daughter saw them and loved she held onto them until she grew a bit and could fit into them. It worked out but was odd that shipping was was so messed up. I often wonder who the heck these companies get in the middle of the night to pack and ship their stuff.

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  8. As far as the pizza is concerned, my guess is that the server wasn’t trained on what to do in those situations and took the incorrect one back thinking it was the right thing to do. If multiple pizzas were ordered, maybe he/she thought the table would be crowded with too many pizzas. As far as the soap is concerned… no clue. I’m surprised, though, that you can’t find hand soap in stores… or is it a specific brand you are looking for?

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  9. Oh, in regard to the pizza, they should have left the wrong pizza and made a new one. Too But, that happened just a few weeks ago. I was out to dinner and they got my grand daughters’s food wrong. I was surprised they didn’t leave it at the table and bring her what she ordered too. They redid it but took away the other dish. (Which was partially right. It had some extra items on it that she didn’t like or want and she’s fussy about her food. (Which I get). I don’t eat red meat and if a steak came on the same plate with my sea food I wouldn’t be able to eat it. The thought of red meat gets me sick….)
    Maybe food policies have changed and they need to account for everything. Who knows. That same night I asked for my dressing on the side and it had been mixed in. I was too hungry to wait so I just dealt with it. Lol Red meat no, salad dressing I can handle. Lol

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  10. Unfortunately, the food ‘policy’ you describe is pretty common…Speaking to the soap incident: it costs more to return the darn thing (on them, I’m supposing) than for them to just send on the correct order and count it as a ‘normal’ business loss. If they don’t believe you, then how about implementing a ‘take a photo of the ruined/wrong/messed up’ order to submit as proof?
    Anyway, no – it doesn’t make sense!

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    1. I thought it was ridiculous. But I now realize when I buy something from Amazon that say 4 to a package, they send one, because the quantity reads one…they don’t see that it’s sold as a multiple

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  11. On the few occasions where Amazon has made a mistake, they’ve just told me to keep the wrong item and replaced it without second thought. My experiences have always been hassle-free. Weird that yours was not!

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      1. Funny, I’ve been working on content for a third-party logistics provider, so I’m well immersed in the world of SKUs. Usually, those multi-packs – especially when they’re only available online – have to be packaged manually be the order fulfillment provider. And that just opens up all kinds of room for error.

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  12. This is more common than you think with Amazon. I ordered a 300 piece Lincoln log set, one for each twin, and I received two 150 piece sets. You have to return and hope you get the right one or just find a toy store that’s still open. It’s frustrating. You don’t get what you paid for! Hugs, C

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  13. I don’t usually return things. I just “suck it up” and avoid the trouble. My daughter is a big returner if something isn’t right or she doesn’t like it. She mentioned recently that a store, I think Target, definitely not Amazon, told her to just keep the unwanted product and give it to someone else. It was more trouble than it was worth to the store for her to return it.

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  14. Re the pizza scenario I mostly do takeout lately, and have had the restaurant do both, some want it back and others will tell you to keep it. The last time the pizza place delivered the replacement I gave them back the old one and insisted they take it – maybe the employees could eat it? – but I cannot eat pepperoni. I can’t even just pick them off as the taste is still there and it bothers my stomach. Just last week we ordered Chinese food – the same Cantonese chow mein dish we usually get and it was horrible – so salty I couldn’t eat it, and thin brown noodles, so I could tell they had put soy sauce in it. I called, complained (nicely) and they said they wanted it back. Well my mother had already eaten part of it (at 96 she has little sense of taste), and I told them that but they said they wanted to see it. Some story about a new cook and a supply chain problem and substitute noodles and how different brands have different cooking directions. I’m a regular customer there, so the replacement dish was the normal dish, but there was twice as much of it so we had leftovers! They put their prices up again, so at $20 a dish, the customer had better be satisfied. They always have really fresh ingredients but never did reopen for sit-down after the pandemic.

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  15. Of course, and when receiving the wrong thing in a restaurant it’s always best to ask the customer if they’d like to keep the incorrect food. So silly to take it back and dump it. As to Amazon, that makes more sense from a logistics and inventory standpoint, but I don’t like it.

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  16. A pizza shop’s mistake, a slice gone astray
    Quickly corrected, in a standard way
    But your husband found it strange, that the pizza was taken back
    For health and safety, it was a fact

    An order from Amazon, four soaps to be
    But only one arrived, a mystery
    Returning it back, for a set of four
    But again, just one came, a headache for sure

    I have no taste or preference
    But when wrong is received, seek the right reference
    The seller should promptly, the correct item provide
    Or a refund is fair, with the customer strive.

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