Happy New Year!

44 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Happy New Year!

  1. I enjoyed these photos and notes – snippets from your life and smiled to think of the hungry hippo contest. It reminded me of those rock’m sock’m robots – I don’t know if they still exist anywhere. Have a wonderful first day of the year! – David

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    1. In the case of what my daughter bought me: it’s a ceramic like bowl that attaches to my kitchenaid mixer. You mix the dough, and let it rise in the bowl. Then, for baking you place it on the lid and cover the lid with the bowl. It’s supposed to mimic a bread oven in that it allows it to steam and bake. You remove the lid for the last ten minutes to brown the top. The bread has a crisp crust and chewy inside (it’s a boule) and with minimum effort the bread was excellent. I’m going to play with recipes after I get better at the traditional.

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  2. So what you’re saying is you ate your way through New Year’s Day?! I’d love to have a homemade bread bowl as I make a lot of soup in the winter. I wish for you and yours a wonderfully blessed 2023. May it be kind to us all. 💜


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