I love a good goal…

Here’s my wish list for 2023

  1. Take better care of my cuticles by using cuticle oil at least 4 nights a week
  2. Make something from scratch every week- pasta, bread or dessert
  3. needlepoint or crochet for an hour a week
  4. once a week take one work of art that I saw and read/discuss it
  5. Finish first draft of work in progress
  6. Write for ten hours a week
  7. enter four writing contests throughout the year
  8. gym five times a week
  9. hydrate
  10. Times crossword at lest 4 times a week
  11. read 85 books
  12. blog at least five times a week
  13. remember to tag my blog posts
  14. Insta once a week…. (she says wondering how long this phase will last)
  15. 12,000 steps five days a week- 8,000 the other two
  16. live theater or music once a month
  17. museum every week (Met is the goal) finishing up viewing all the galleries
  18. nature every week (Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the goal)
  19. a movie a week in theaters
  20. get rid of 30 items a month on road to decluttering
  21. watch my daughter present her thesis
  22. watch my daughter graduate
  23. go on one awesome vacation of at least five days

I always have things that I set aside to read for the new year.

My books of the year will be :

The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment by Shannon Ables

52 Ways to Walk: The New Science and Timeless Joy of How, When, Where, and Why by Annabel Streets

My page a day calendars will be:

Inspire by TF Publishing

Art- 365 Days of Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am also a little tired of my journaling and gratitude procedure. Instead of free writing in the morning and taking stock at night, I am going to try a version of 10 things. As I like lists, in the morning I’m going to write ten things, afternoon ten things, evening ten things. I like lists better and I am not getting satisfaction out of the way I’ve been handling it. I still plan on including best and worst moments of the day, what I’m grateful for, but I plan on being much looser about it. I’m probably (I’m not 100% sure yet) going to do my Saturday posts in this format as well…but I’m still thinking it out.

How about you?

What are your goals?

Do you have a 23 for 23?

What are you going to do to change up 2023?

36 thoughts on “My 2023 Goals and Looking Ahead

  1. 52 Ways to Walk is on my shelf – unread at this point. An immediate goal will be to get TO Colorado and then BACK from Colorado in a few weeks because- weather and Southwest Airlines 😦 I also am taking part in a writing adventure which I believe is being launched next week…I am mum on that for now as it is not my creation to announce.

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  2. I envy your list making. I no longer do so, ’cause I can no longer longhand, and it ain’t the same, list making via a keyboard… and speaking of keyboards…this time the musical ones… I’m upping that skill the next 365, to better make my old man music a bit more personal… and I’m thinking about a SubStack for some light posting of politics, and I’m gonna ISBN a book of poesy.

    As for healthy living..I’m done with all that.

    And most important, getting a puppy come spring for SNZ. And SNZ has a niece and nephew who have a house and a tree growing in Brooklyn.

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  3. My only goal for this year is simple…try to be a better person, husband, father and grandfather. Since I am basically a lazy guy, that is ambitious enough.
    Happy New Year. Oh…there is a bottle of Sangiovese with my name on it!

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  4. I’m not big on resolutions but I will be setting a few goals for the coming year. I want to revise a WIP, travel, go on dates with my grand daughters, take bar classes twice a week, spend quality time with my kids, friends, family, walk a lot, and start learning Spanish with Larry. I also want to stay open to surprises, things I can not imagine, and allow life to court me. Woo me even… I love your resolutions LA, I appreciate your posts, and the way you inspire and challenge us all to consider new ideas. I look forward to 2023. Hugs, C

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  5. My goal is to figure out in the next day or two what I want my goals to be. You are such a free and fluid thinker–especially for someone who I know is highly organized. There are things I want to do, but I already feel stressed for time to do the things I am already doing. Perhaps I need to focus on how to be more efficient in what I do.

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  6. Well….I’m tired just reading y our goals! Ambitious but they sound fantastic. I’m working on selecting my One Word for 2023. Hopefully a post will come soon! 💜


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