I made an instagram goal to post a picture every day.


I like the idea of insta better than actually instagramming. Will I attempt to try instagramming next year? You will just have to wait till tomorrow to find out!!

My book goal was 85 books


I read 128 books this year.

My movie goal was to see all the Oscar nominated films


While I did not see one of the Oscar nominated documentaries, I am taking the win for seeing everything else that was nominated

My goal was to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art once a week


While I did not go every week, I think I made it 49 weeks. I call that a win. Last year I was at gallery 160 in my quest of visiting galleries in numerical order. On my next trip I will be at Gallery 700

My goal was to blog every day


In fact, I have blogged over 500 straight days

My other goals:

  1. NY Times crossword- WIN
  2. Live Theater and Music- WIN
  3. More art- WIN
  4. Wander book and stationary stores- WIN
  5. Flower Pics- WIN
  6. Organize desk better- WIN
  7. Make every day count- WIN

61 thoughts on “How Did I Do With My 2022 Goals:

  1. You are reminding me subtly that I need a new planner for next year: two, one for my home office and one for my pocketbook. I like your goals: attainable without outside input as in I really hope this other person or whatever calls…no ghosting there, only attainable!

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  2. Congrats! I have to review my year too but currently we are in Oregon, again, getting my mother-in-law packed up to bring to California with us. Hopefully by January 1 we’ll be a bit more settled and I’ll have time for reflection.

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  3. Yay, you are back on my email feed again! I missed reading your blogs each morning. ( I have n idea what happened).
    Bravo for so many accomplishments. You actually achieved most of your goals. That isn’t easy and says quite a lot about your character and determination! (You are a force to be reckoned with, lady)! I say you should be very proud of yourself. Most of us set a few goals. You not only set them you itemized them and put them into a virtual outline.

    Honestly, I don’t read or buy self hep books, but I’d buy yours. All you’d have to do is gather up your most successful or most unique blogs with questions concerning life betterment skills, empowerment, world views etc. whatever, and turn them into book form and sell it on Amazon. It could be free or have your proceeds go to the charity of your choice. WordPerfect has a book format and Amazon sells their own version of a published book format. So you could even self publish. But I’m serious. Your thought provoking blogs require thinking, feeling, and actually force your readers to approach subjects from all angles. You don’t know all the answers. So that makes you like the rest of us and we can relate to your vulnerability. But, you continually work on yourself, body and mind and most of us can also relate to similar conflicts or struggles. So I personally think you could have a published hit on your hands! Just a possible goal you may want to think about….

    BTW, When I was younger I’d set a list of goals each year that I wanted to accomplish. Most of them I did, a few I did not. But, I tried. Well, Sort of… I never lost my sweet tooth… lol

    Did I accomplish what I wanted in 2022? Well, my first goal was to beat cancer so that’s a split answer But I’d say a big YES and I Checking that goal off anyway. No, I didn’t beat cancer, I’m back in treatment. But I did indeed survive another year! And that outweighs all other goals! So yes, I accomplished the most important goal on my list.

    As so did all of your readers. For as long as we all have survived another year and can still get back up when we fall…Wipe away tears after they fall…As long as we can still be kind to one another, smile at our fellow human beings, have a warm safe roof over our heads, then I’d say we have all have had a great year! Happy 2023 everyone! Peace and love in 2023.

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      1. I must have done something while on pain meds and I lost your blog. But I figured it out. Let’s just say, I survived surgery but it revealed my cancer is back and thriving. So… I’m back on chemo. One month I had a type of chemo that affected my heart so that’s out… yesterday I had another treatment and we shall see how this chemo cocktail works. If it zaps the cancer cells than great!

        But the positives about goals in 2022, I had my doc push back all chemo until after Chanukah and Christmas. So my entire gang was with me for the holidays and I wasn’t sick from chemo. It was terrific. It doesn’t get better than that! Happy NewYear! 🫶✌️

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