I had my mammogram this week. I am grateful that they got me the results within two days. I am grateful for my fatty but malignancy free breasts. It doesn’t matter what month it is- have your girls checked out!!

My journal prompt for this week was INTUITION. Here’s how it was used in the books that I’m reading:

  1. For example, if your low back is sore and tired, get on the ground and stretch, roll around, ball up, do some yoga, or whatever you intuitively feel will help. Pedram Shojai
  2. It was unlike Sam to show such restraint, but he intuited that he needed to proceed slowly. Gabrielle Zevin
  3. “I’m fine” may be accurate or filled with denial. Often we must check in with out intuition to correctly interpret the statement.
  4. Countless words have been written in praise of hunches and gut instincts, and while such intuitions can easily lead us astray, even the most conservative epistemologist will grant that on occasion, in ways that can’t all be dismissed as coincidence, they are spectacularly correct. Kathryn Schulz
  5. She not only had a quick intellect but an intuitive judgement of men and their motives. Jon Meacham speaking of Mary Lincoln
  6. Clearly, as Barr had intuited, there was something about Van Gogh that had tapped the national mood. Hugh Eakin
  7. Charles Darwin lamented in his autobiography that he didn’t have the capacity for intuitive understanding or memory. Fumio Sasaki
  8. Unlike the mind, which reasons and explores, the soul is our spiritual seat- pure, direct and intuitive. Eveline Helmink

Here’s how I thought about INTUITION

  1. Intuition and manifestation- what’s the difference?
  2. Are some people more intuitive than others?
  3. How often do we listen to our intuition?
  4. Can intuition be bad?

24 thoughts on “Gratitude And Mindfulness: 12/24/22

  1. Your first paragraph says it all…get the girls checked out (and not just by your husband) I’ll also add, MEN…know your PSA. Prostate cancer can also be deadly. I was lucky, but don’t take chances.
    Merry Christmas!

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  2. I really like this word and the examples you chose. The ladies in my family would applaud your encouragement to get the girls checked. Thinking about my intuition capacity I would say it slips and surges. I find that I rarely act on intuition but have on occasion, and usually I would say I am wrong. The times I have been right though have been important, and so I still listen. I wonder if intuition is a sense that gets refined by listening or dulled if you don’t?

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  3. Isn’t intuition that hunch- the gut feeling thing? Manifestation is the next step- causation if you will, or the acting on that hunch. At least in my logical brain I am taking the word literally! I think the bigger question in that query is can we actually cause something to happen, ie: that power of positive thinking concept as an example. I get feelings about people sometimes and it’s about 50/50 that I’m correct. I’ll stick with acquired knowledge and reasoned decision making I think 🙂

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  4. I thought I’d nip over and comment as I have been bad at reading other blogs. I read the first paragraph . . .

    Err . . . I’ll look for another post to comment on, as this has all the elements of a social minefield. 🙂

    Happy Christmas to you, the family and all your extremities.

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  5. Intuition is present in many of us but not everyone chooses to term it this. To some, it is logic or experience hard earned that allows you to see situations and people clearly. On the other hand, the guy who wins the lottery because of his intuition or did he because he picked the same numbers for 20 years and bought always 6 of them…is this logic, mathematical probability or as he says, ‘he listened to his intuition.’ Enjoy your holiday.

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