I love music, and I use Spotify to as my go to music source. Spotify is nice enough to send out a year in review. Here’s how mine looked:

I listened to 35 different genres, my top five being:

  1. Rock
  2. Pop
  3. Classical
  4. New Wave Pop
  5. Rap

Moring vibe – Feel Good / Love Confident

Afternoon vibe- Dramatic Victorian/Ominous

Evening vibe- Minimalist Zen/Romanticism

I listened to 11,739 minutes of music

My Top Songs:

  1. Nothing Can Change you– Goo Goo Dolls
  2. I Love You So- The Walters
  3. Patience- Guns N Roses
  4. Enemy– Imagine Dragons
  5. Heat Waves– Glass Animals

I listened to 1,147 artists.

My Top Artists:

  1. The Killers
  2. The Doobie Brothers
  3. The Goo Goo Dolls
  4. Frederic Chopin
  5. Eddie Vedder

My Listening Style:

The Jukeboxer- I don’t have one favorite song, I have many. I love listening to them all, excited to queue up what’s next-


Familiarity/Timelessness/Variety/Commonality (whatever that means…)

I admit I listened to less music this year. I used to walk around the city listening to music, but with the uptick in crime, I’m not doing that anymore. Hoping I can do that again soon.

I would love to know what kind of Spotify listener you all are! I think it’s pretty interesting!!

62 thoughts on “My Year in Music per Spotify

  1. I use spotify for podcasts. I have four or five that I listen to regularly. In the car I listen to music. There are two local stations that play great music and I like Sirius 70s and 80s — the music from my youth.

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  2. My nose is usually more in a book than listening to music, but don’t get me wrong I enjoy and appreciate music. I just more often have an audible book on if busy in the house doing something or I have background music while reading which is jazz or classical. Dan Gibson is someone whose music I love, so relaxing. It combines nature sounds with cello and other instruments. Now at Christmas time I do listen to music more! Love Christmas music.
    Would be interesting to know how many minutes of music my husband listens to, he is the Music Man in our house. He practically always has music on. 🙂

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      1. I have been discovering new alternative music via a show called Steve Lamacqs Round table on BBC Radio 6, it’s a weekly round table listen & discussion on new music. Steve plays a variety of stuff on his own show as well.

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      1. I can’t do audio books either…my music room is also a living room, game room, office, tv room, movie room, guest room….etc….but besides that I like it at the gym, and the ability to play pretty much any song I want at any time

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  3. I still listen to Classic Rock from the 60’s and 70’s. But, as I wrote a while back on my blog, the greatest songs ever produced in this country in descending order are…
    Georgia on my Mind by Ray Charles
    Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin
    At Last by Etta James
    What a Difference a Day Makes by Dinah Washington
    The Thrill Is Gone by B.B. King
    Your thoughts?

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    1. At last is awesome. My faves are along the lines of Freebird, stairway to Heaven, bohemian rhapsody, patience, iris, days like this, the weight, your song, nights in white satin, listen to the music, and light my fire

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  4. I am not anti-Spotify. I just got an account last month when a granddaughter started making (posting?) a podcast. I realize I am late coming to the party, probably partly because of hearing issues which have recently been improved. Your post today though is a little scary. Think how much the folks at Spotify (and I don’t know who they actually are, but I assume they are part of Big Tech) know about you–what you listen to and when you do it. I don’t have a problem with your posting it, but I do fear their monitoring it is one more nail in the coffin of privacy.

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    1. Can you imagine what WordPress knows about you? Or your email provider? Or Google? If you use the internet in any capacity there are about a million entities that know all these things about you.

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      1. So true, and Big Brother can compel them to provide it all about anyone and they can be sold. I don’t use Siri, but things happen on my devices that show my actions are being analyzed. I find this very creepy.

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      2. I got a good one for you…I think I’ll blog aboit it in January….women goes to radio city music hall to see rockettes with her daughter and the Girl Scout troop. Facial recognition. She gets denied entry because she works for a law firm involved in a suit against radio city’s parent corp…she’s considered an enemy….

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  5. I listen to Pandora, heavy on orchestral music. However, for the last two weeks I’ve played my late husband’s Christmas CDs all day long. I’m keeping the traditional carols sung by choirs we heard here and in Europe. Two or three of plainchant are enough to keep. Other family members will have a chance to save those I don’t want.

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  6. You made me realize how little we listened to music this year, favoring podcasts instead. Not a normal year for us, but I didn’t realize it until you shared yours, I’m glad you did. I guess we need a little more… Patience, Sweet Child of Mine (had to add that extra one, always was a favorite 🙂 )

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  7. Amazon Music doesn’t offer this type of recap, which would be interesting to see. I’m quite eclectic though, so my year in music is likely all over the place. I find my taste continues to expand as I grow older. My latest fun find is Lindsey Stirling, a violinist who takes songs to a whole different level.

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  8. Love how you have such broad interests. Funny story. My son was all excited to make fun of me for my small number of Spotify hours. He forgot though that I listen to music throughout the night to fall asleep. I forget how much he had, but I easily crushed him with 69,000 hours of music. Now broad taste wise, he way surpassed me. I tend to listen to the same stuff.

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  9. I don’t spotify…..I still listen to an IPod when I walk and have a lot of playlists – 60’s 70’s 80’s Christmas, Country, Big Band, vintage crooner stuff, musicals etc, depending on what mood I’m in. Ipods have been discontinued now so I need to get up to date.

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  10. I always love to look at the Spotify year in review. I’m also watching The Playlist right now. While I’m not thrilled with the way they’ve set up and are relating the story, it’s still fascinating and a good watch.

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  11. I was talking with my son just now and he told me how he listened to 31, 931 minutes of music this year! 🙂 I had forgotten to mention before that he takes after my husband, as far as loving music goes. That can be your goal for next year. LOL!

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  12. Since I may track my books this year on Goodreads, as some people do, this makes me want to use Spotify for the new Echo my kids got me. Also, since I’m can’t read my own writing AND don’t check the calendar as often as I should AND even then I am prone to noting events on the wrong dates, I’m probably even closer to using it for reminders


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