I am grateful that all the presents are wrapped, the cards are written (though not mailed yet), and there isn’t anything left to do for the holidays except the season.

My prompt for this week was KNOWLEDGE: Here’s how it was used in the books that I’m reading:

  1. What you meant to express was the existential grief that comes with the knowledge that all things die. Gabrielle Zevin
  2. The process can provide guidance, but your knowledge of the domain you’re writing in, your powers of observation and your ability to craft a good sentence…will play a big role in the quality of the final manuscript.
  3. Already, I feel safe in the knowledge that Joe will understand how I’m feeling more than everyone in my life. Lia Louis
  4. The examined life becomes a rich resource. I didn’t know I felt that way is the sentence that accompanies some new nugget of self-knowledge. Julia Cameron
  5. The message recieved from mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling. Yet in reality, hooks argues, knowledge– a deep, intimate, sometimes hard-won understanding of both one’s partner and oneself- is an essential element of love. Kathryn Schulz speaking of bell hooks.
  6. I was bereft and disconsolate, horrified by the knowledge of her pain. Natasha Solomons
  7. If he was diligent in his studies, insistent on acquiring knowledge, and devoted to mercy and grace, he could become not a poor and obscure farmer but a philosopher, a saint, a hero, or a wise, good, great man. speaking of Lincoln- Jon Meacham
  8. Despite the influence of Cubist ideas on many American painters, even knowledgeable critics regarded Cubism as a “discarded aberration” that had little bearing on the art of recent years. Hugh Eakin
  9. They (books) take us into new corners of the world and give us information, insight, and knowledge. Pedram Shojai
  10. Make peace with the knowledge that your habits will eventually collapse. Fumio Sasaki
  11. TO me, self-knowledge, self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-confidence are magical words for a lighter life. Eveline Helmink
  12. Tidying helps you discover what is important to you and what you truly value in life- and it’s this knowledge that prevents rebounding to clutter. Marie Kondo

How I’m going to think about KNOWLEDGE:

  1. What is my personal definition of knowledge
  2. I’m going to totally overthink #5
  3. #9 makes me judge people who don’t read. How could you not want to gain knowledge?

24 thoughts on “Gratitude and Mindfulness- 12/17/22

  1. My take on knowledge is not just on learning or being open to learning. I would suggest the examples of Jean Piaget. One must go beyond the original learning to assimilate and accommodate those new ideas. Then the door is open for application of what was originally learned.

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  2. Back when I was teaching in The Bronx, I hung a saying on my rear wall in the classroom, “Knowledge is the key to understanding.” Education is life and knowledge changes as understanding takes over. To know is one thing. To understand, we must apply that knowledge.
    Now this is why I love reading your stuff. It makes me pause and think. While not increasing my knowledge, it forces me to use it, to give thoughtful comments. Modern day educators could learn something from you.

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