28 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Etc 12/11/22

  1. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. 😌 I haven’t been there since the 90’s. 😔 So beautiful. I wish we had one as nice where I live now. It’s okay but so much smaller. What a lovely place to sit and do work. 😊

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  2. I really enjoy these posts from your museum and garden visits. I appreciate your honest remarks about what exhibits you liked and others that didn’t move you. I’ve never been to a fragrance garden but I bet that would be nice. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

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    1. I think people are often intimidated by art becaus3 they think they’re supposed to like everything…when it’s ok to not like something…


  3. The Stevenson verse on the plaque is great. Your girls have to be included as they are so cute! Given the reputation of Christmas trees and cats, I’m surprised the lower ornaments are intact. 😳 The first painting of the bored women would require more contemplation. They are fancily dressed, but there is a clothes line in the background! There must be a great story for this painting; it has so many interesting details. I felt like I had been to the Japanese Garden, but I haven’t. I think it was one MANY years ago in San Francisco. The pond is so peaceful.

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    1. The first year we had Penny, she climbed into our tree. Since then she’s been an angel re the tree. I can really get sucked into the details of paintings…I was just at a lecture about Trompe L’oeil in paintings at the Met, and really, so many layers…

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  4. I so enjoy these posts LA, especially now that Kelley lives in your part of the world, and I love adding to her “want to do” list. We stopped over for a quick visit with Kelley last week, we had family in town, and it was a fun filled four days. I of course came down with a cold and I’m just now recovering. Hugs, C

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      1. We celebrated Kelley’s and Tim’s anniversary at Carbone. We dined on the best bread I’ve ever tasted, calamari, steak, lamb, vodka pasta, vegetables, ice cream, and fabulous wine. It went on and on. We waddled home. We also enjoyed this amazing chicken sandwich at Madison Square Garden. We consumed smoked salmon, bagels, and cream cheese from that famous bagel shop about two blocks from Kelley’s apartment. One night we dinned on muscles and french bread. I could go on and on. The food in New York is fantastic. I can’t wait to go back. Next time we have to get together again! xxoo

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  5. Growing in THE Bronx, the only borough with a “the” in front of it, I probably went to Brooklyn maybe 5 times in my life. Now I live in North Carolina, but my son and his new wife live in, of all places, Brooklyn. So I guess now I’ll have to go. The Gardens do look beautiful. The girls do too.

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