In other news- I watch Welcome to Wrexam, which is a reality show about entertainers Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny and their purchase of a Welsh football (soccer) club. On the episode I watched the other day, the Wrexam coach is in a cafe and orders breakfast. The waitperson asks: “Do you want sauce with that? Ketchup?” So another layer to add to the condiment/sauce debate…

27 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, etc 12/4/22

    1. In all the times I’ve been to the Met, it was never around the holidays, and so I’ve never seen their tree, thank you for sharing!

      And I like how you always have some food-shares, too 🙂 Rounds it up rather nicely, especially since wild mushrooms are so yummy in almost every configuration: pasta, soup, pizza… And here I am starting to drool 🙂

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    1. The exhibits in this room were mesmerizing. I was trying to drink in every detail. Just exquisite design and workmanship. And that new edition of Persuasion…I think you’d like it…she recreated letters and calling cards and manifests. Just amazing


    1. Seriously…nyc is a plethora of Italian food. This is clearly the best I’ve ever had. There’s nothing wrong with it. Every component is perfection. I was mad I was sharing with my husband and daughter

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  1. Betty is looking especially fluffy and soft in that photo. She could sit on my lap anytime! That’s not the scaffolding outside your building is it? It does make for a nicely sheltered tree shopping experience though. I don’t suppose chopping down your own tree is really a *thing* common to NYC like it is here 😉

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      1. Yes, I can imagine the park might frown on that practice! You may already know we are the land of Christmas tree farms- acres of trees for the would-be lumberjacks to roam freely with their saws and Starbucks cups until they find the perfect tree, then realize they have to haul it out on their own 😉

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  2. Betty is looking quite happy. Screw the cancel culture leave shit alone. Latest older flick seen aside from the private showing of Pythons Holy Grail, my wife and watched the Michael Caine Christopher Reeves Black Comedy from 1982 Death Trap. Cool flick with some ridiculously over the top acting from Diane Canon.

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