35 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: The Interview

  1. Congratulations LA. What a fun interview. You should have more confidence in your writing. I think the toughest thing for writers to do . . . isn’t to remember the difference between affect or effect or whether a comma goes in this spot or that one, but to tell a story or write about an emotion or experience that touches another reader. That’s a challenging thing to do and you’re obviously very skilled at that because your blog followers keep coming back. At least that’s my two cents. Congratulations again. Have a great weekend.

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  2. My mouth is hanging open as I write this, certainly not expecting to see a shout out in this interview. I feel honored, thank you! I *loved* learning about a few more pieces to the LA puzzle. Sharks huh? I chose dolphins when I had the opportunity- smaller teeth are much less intimidating!

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  3. You navigate the choppy waters of NYC daily, so what’s the big shakes ‘bout swimming with sharks.. Actually, I think that was gutsy. Mommy issues, no surprise, but you appear to have navigated that as well. Judgmental… you? No way! And you can write, so find a narrative. Hard questions. Good replies.

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  4. I enjoyed your interview. It gave me more insights into you and your blog. Also, I think most writers have self doubt about their work. I went to a talk by Ray Bradbury and he said he revises his books and plays long after they are published. He was never satisfied with his work.

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      1. Yes. I was in a writer’s group and one member published her first novel. She has revised it 17 times before submitting it. I had revised mine two or three times and submitted to no luck! Really, it’s not luck 🙃

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  5. I love “interview” blog posts and might be inspired to elicit one question from each of my followers to do my own. This was fun! Loved your answers. My wife likes it when I tell her she is right, too. Which is nine times out of ten.

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