I have been writing a lot, so I needed something to just shut my mind down for a little bit because I’ve gotten to the point where I am constantly rewriting sentences in my head. Enter Sims Build It. I sort of love creating a little world that I can completely control (I don’t do disasters…) I am grateful for th littlee bit of brain shut off that this game allows.

My prompt for this week was KIND (this goes back to my post last month about semantics- and the past three weeks saw me thinking about nice, polite and respect). Here’s how KIND was used in the books that I am reading:

  1. Beside her sits a kind-faced woman that I do not know, who pats Edward on the arm supportively as he shifts past her. Catherine Steadman
  2. Don’s unreliable but ultimately loyal friend Gene was originally two people: the kind and helpful laboratory manager, giving Don sound advice, and the original Gene, an unadulterated rogue. Graeme Simsion
  3. On our dates, we are kind to ourselves, and that seems to raise for us the possibility of divine benevolence. Julia Cameron
  4. His expression is kind, brimful with concern. Natasha Solomons
  5. But as is becoming more evident by the day, when we refuse to celebrate the earth’s kindness, we prepare the ground for the earth to refuse kindness to us. Ross Gay
  6. They send pictures every few months, and in the pictures Dad looks kind and strong. Javier Zamora
  7. Today. for some incomprehensible reason, we have come to see kindness as a weakness, as if you are effacing yourself, as if you are submissive, as if you don’t have anything better to do. Eveline Helmink
  8. If he’s kind, that means he’s poor. Carolyn Huynh
  9. Kindness to strangers is a habit, like a reflex. Fumio Sasaki
  10. Bathe this person with love and kindness as well. Pedram Shojai
  11. As you remind yourself of how much you appreciate them, you’ll become aware of how precious your relationship with them is and will naturally begin treating them with greater kindness, thanking and contacting them more often. Marie Kondo

What I’m going to think about when thinking about KIND:

  1. Kind is not often used in books as referring to being kind to someone or something- it’s usually used in other forms
  2. As a word in a novel, the word felt flat when reading, and I would find myself wondering what was meant by kind
  3. I think it’s an organized thought to not use the word kind
  4. The quotes from above, # 7 and #8: do we think kind equals lacking a trait that others find desirable?
  5. Are we lacking kindness today in society?

30 thoughts on “Gratitude and Mindfulness: 11/26/22

  1. I don’t necessarily think kindness is lacking in society today, however, I do think that people must learn to pause, to remember to be kind. With all of the stimulation available today, leaning to pause to breathe into our own gratefulness is helpful. Happy weekend, LA.

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      1. In a club you can chat, trade, and visit the other cities. Some clubs are all about wars. The one I’m in doesn’t do war. We do the club challenge with the mayors pass challenges, we trade, and other chat a lot.

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  2. I think kindness is still out there. I also think you notice it more if you are trying to be kind to others. Even a smile can be considered kindness- a small acknowledgment that you actually SEE another person and are not just overtaken by your own life or thoughts to be too busy to connect.

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      1. Over-thinking again LA! People need to get out of their own heads and realize there’s an entire world going on around them. What if you simply went out each day with the intent to smile, nod, hold a door open, whatever- even only once in that day? And if your life is that low that you can’t find any reason to smile even once then meds and/or therapy might be your priority. Clearly it irks me that people use their busy lives as excuses to move through life oblivious to others.

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      2. I unfortunately think of all the times men have told me to smile…so I’m guessing I have a bias against smiling as such…I also have become jaded…if I’m walking down the street and if someone smiles or says hi, they want something from me, mainly money, but guys definitely want to chat you up. Always.

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  3. Referring to #7, yes I do think that we too often see kindness as a weakness. This is very unfortunate because it works against any sort of fellowship or brotherhood that is intended. On a small scale just think of the smallest act of kindness you can do, whatever that may be, there is always someone, someone who would think that it should have gone to him or her. In other words, a kindness to one person can be seen as a slight to someone else. Someone who considers himself more worthy or deserving. Even we, as a country can dole out aid some foreign disaster. Yet some here feel it should have gone somewhere else. It is tough to direct kindness sometimes. There seems to be too much of a why not me attitude these days.

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  4. Kindness is definitely here. I am on a walking frame at the moment. You would be super impressed with people if you could see things from my world. It makes you think back to the manners you were taught growing up. Puts a smile on my face😀

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  5. I know someone else commented that kindness isn’t lacking in our society, but I greatly disagree. I think it’s become rare to see it. People are more concerned about capturing on their phone confrontations and other wrongs than getting involved. Even just common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past. I rarely witness acts of kindness. Maybe it’s just where I live, I don’t know.

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  6. When Larry and I traveled in Spain we experienced so many acts of kindness from complete strangers. People who kept us on the right path, sharing toilet paper when the bathroom was empty, helping us navigate, find hotels, meal suggestions, invitations to sit and enjoy a beer together after a long day of walking. I feel like the people around me are a little hesitant to reach out to each other after the COVID restrictions lifted and so many are living in fear. And like in an earlier comment, even a smile can be considered an act of kindness. Hugs, C

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  7. The word ‘kind’ is often overlooked while I’m reading a book. It’s such a small word to hold various meaning, but there’s other words that are more descriptive. Kindness is a good one, or even kindly wouldn’t be skipped over so easily. We all have the ability to be kind, but similar to a previous comment, the world encourages busy, so there has to be a pause to allow kindness rise to the surface. 💖


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