Did you ever have a day?

You know- where nothing seems to go right?

That was my Tuesday. Here’s what happened:

  1. When I went out at 6:30am to go to the gum, it was much colder than I had prepared for. though I had checked the weather, I didn’t expect it to feel this cold
  2. When I got to the gym for spinning, my favorite bike, bike 17 was broken. I took bike 6, which was actually a new bike, but the toe cage was really stiff and it was too late to change bikes
  3. Went to vote. I have carpal tunnel and a touch of arthritis, plus its cold out. My signature is not even close to being what it was 22 years ago when I registered to vote. They almost didn’t let me vote. Seriously. I was not happy. I told them I would show them my id and voter card and my vaccine card, but I had to try to duplicate my signature. Now really- if they show you the signature, can’t anyone who is even vaguely creative replicate it? Let’s add…if signature is so important- update them…stupid…
  4. Because it took me longer to vote than I anticipated, it set off a chain of me then trying to play catch up…
  5. Had to wait for the crosstown bus
  6. Got to the subway as it was pulling out of the station…next one five minutes away
  7. Got to 7/11 to get my pre class tea and they were out of sugar…(this is a common occurrence, as I guess the addicts come in and just take all the sugar packets)
  8. Huge line at the 7/11 checkout
  9. I get to class at exactly 10am, which annoys me because I like to be early
  10. Someone took my seat. I wanted to say “That’s my spot…”
  11. Had to run to bathroom so missed the first two minutes of teacher talking
  12. My pen ran out of ink, I ran to office where they keep a bowl of pens, grabbed two, both out of ink
  13. Had trouble with the dialogue prompt, and I never have trouble with dialogue so this just annoyed me
  14. Was so cranky I skipped lunch because nothing appealed to me, then my blood sugar dipped, which I get was my fault, but still…
  15. Decided I hated the opening to Chapter 2 and that sent me into a tailspin as to how I should rework it
  16. Wondered if I should have bought my new winter coat in a large instead of medium because I wanted to make sure if it was comfy with a sweater, googled the coat to find it in a store to try it in a large to find that it’s completely sold out in larges…
  17. chipped a nail and a toenail
  18. got annoyed with my husband because I was trying to talk to him about something important and he shut down because he’s not ready to talk about it, and it’s stressing me out, and while I am trying to be empathetic, i know you also have to be practical

So there you go. Nothing was really going to save Tuesday… I know that I was the cause of my stress for the most part…because I can be rigid…but some days are just one for the loss column…

Luckily, Wednesday is a new day…

52 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Some days

  1. I hope you have a marvelous day to make up for Tuesday.

    Yesterday I was out of sorts for no reason. Nothing I did pleased me. It ended with a harrowing ride, which made me happy to be home, safe and sound. (The ride was not dangerous, but my perception of it was. The night was dark and rainy. With my whacky eyesight, everything appeared highly dangerous. Things loomed up, glittered brightly, whizzed past as road lines disappeared and vehicles came straight toward me. Grandson David drove steadily and safely, just as I used to do.)

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    1. It’s just been a week. Someone made a stupid comment at book club that pissed me off. (At least it wasn’t political) and it’s soured…but anyway…did you see my comment about workshop Hans Holbein the younger?


  2. I’m pretty stuck in an off-day. My counselor suggested that every day is just as much ‘on’ as ‘off,’ but I’m inclined to go with a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad one when it keeps rearing its head.

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  3. I suppose we’ve all had those days. Thankfully I’m not in that phase at the moment! My biggest downer is that the birds don’t seem to like the new bird feed I put in the feeders. Take a breath, cozy up with tea and a blanket and let it all go.

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  4. I remember narrating the book that Chel mentions for Children’s Theater in school – “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day” – I love that book! And as an adult, the title has even more meaning. I hope the rest of your week is better. I’ve convinced myself that all horrible days are caused by some unseen gremlin that will likely move on the next day, like an unwanted relative that comes to visit. I hope yours has moved on!

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  5. Okay, that was a really bad day! Sucks. Here’s my little “bad day” trick, I pretend that being delayed saved me from some horrible disaster, or that my favorite bike would have broken down with me on it and I would have ended up on my ass, and then if there are no large coats left then a medium is perfect. On husbands, if he won’t discuss then you get to decide! Hope life is going a bit better! Hugs, C

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    1. I just called week a loss, bought a hunk of Brie and awesome farmers market apples, bought a psych thriller and am going to binge watch the Queen, English breakfast tea included….

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  6. Like a few other commenters, what immediately went through my head was Judith Viorst’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. You certainly had one where everything spills over into the next event. (Kind of like a negative “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” (Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond). I used to save that book to read to my class when it seemed like things were off for everyone. It resonates with all ages. I like your solution. Just give up and do something nice for yourself.

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  7. By that kind of signature logic, I should never be allowed to work anywhere, because I signed my social security card when I was maybe 10 years old, and I guaran-damn-tee you it looks nothing like that today. And yet, here I am, gainfully employed!

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