The wonderful Matt did a photo of my pets! Please check out if you get a chance!!

50 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, etc…11/6/22

  1. That museum looks cool, more especially because I love the Tudor era. As a side note, I’m busy reading (group reading) Shakespeare’s plays depicting the reign of Henry VI. Fun stuff, I’m doing in this dark November. 🙂

    And oh, that painting of your pets is adorable!

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  2. Tudor England never seems to lose its pull. I find it ironic how swept up we Americans continue to be in all things royal and English after breaking away from the country so many years ago. We just can’t let go of our roots I guess. Matt’s picture made me laugh- I saw it on his blog prior and commented to him about Betty’s quintessential hair bow!

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    1. Ohhh…I don’t remember but I’ll go look when I visit this week. This play was so bad no one stood at the end…and Linda Lavin starred and she’s a total Broadway favorite


    2. I find it fascinating what was high fashion at different times: look at Henry VIII, being the manliest man he can be in tights and a skirt… Our ideas of what is fashionable alone are worth a visit (not that the Met needs THAT as a reason to visit!). Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Your week ending post are always inspiring, and have me now considering the various cultural events I will take in while in London this December. A show (a good one though), museums, good food, coffee shops, etc. etc….😁

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