I’ve been trying to remember to look up. You never know what you will see.

40 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Etc…10/28/22

  1. Thanks LA for the pieces you chose from the MMA. Each was different and showed amazing talent. Thinking back to my attempts at art in high school – I still have some of those pieces – I am amazed at these creations.

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  2. An interesting grouping of photos. .is it just me who found the characterizations of the alchemist and his assistant oddly grotesque? The other sculptures were lovely. But the artist who depicted the alchemist piece clearly had an agenda in portraying people in that field as less than trustworthy. He made them hideous or perhaps villainous. He was certainly trying to make a statement of some kind. That sculpture was oddly disturbing to me. I over the rest. BTW, I’d have tea with you any time! 😉

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      1. Indeed it was shocking. It reminds me of the cruel way artists depicted the Jewish population at that time. I could be wrong, and would have to research if they even allowed Jews to be in that profession back then. But the figures are reminiscent of some sketches I have seen done at that time in history of various groups of people who were not Christians. There was glaring mistrust making figures in art, evil or deformed, like how herbalists and female healers were depicted like hideous witches. Do you recall the name of that particular sculptor? It’s so fascinating to see art during various time periods. It is a bit revealing like political cartoons of the day.

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      2. Thanks! It would be interesting to know. The info says it’s Italian. Research says Alchemy began in Egypt which I didn’t realize. But that makes sense due to how ancient Egyptians embalmed and believed in immortality. So it stands to reason that chemicals and a philosophy was part of the whole thing. When I think of an alchemist my brain always goes to Shakespeare and how his characters often went to the alchemist for a variety of potions. ( example: Juliet’s potion she drank where everyone thought she was dead but instead she was in a deep deathlike sleep, however Romeo was given a vile of poison to take on his visit . So the alchemist could have sinister drugs as well as healing potions. That, I suppose would justify the creepy looking figures depicted in the porcelain sculpture.

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  3. I have to say in any city I would be watching 3 feet in front of me and not look up. Maybe it is just me, but next time look up….maybe or maybe focused on the directly in front. Tea does sound nice but a cup of coffee and a croissant sounds lovely.

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