Back in July one of my blog friends wrote a list about their “Core” self. I wanted to reference that post, but I think they deleted it, because I just can’t find it. I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I can see when a post just isn’t there anymore. Of course, I could have imagined the whole post, but let’s assume for the time being I am still playing with at least 50 cards in my deck.

So what probably intrigued me about the post? I’d have to guess it was a list. I rarely see a post with a list that I don’t love. A list is so organized, and it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct.

The note I made to myself stated that the post was about one’s core, so I’m guessing that the author did some soul searching and came up with attributes that they were, that were an intrinsic part of their personality. So even though I don’t remember how my blogger friend phrased it, I’m going to attempt to give you a list of who I am at my core.

  1. List maker
  2. Doesn’t like grammar
  3. gets blog ideas from blog friends
  4. ambivert
  5. not as observant as I thought I was
  6. able to make connections and see things others don’t
  7. not book smart, though picks up the oddest bits from the books that I read
  8. argumentative
  9. loyal to a small group of people
  10. rule follower, except for grammar and then it’s a free for all
  11. kind hearted to those I love
  12. impatient with stupidity
  13. tries to look at all sides of a situation
  14. gives monologues (my daughter told me this on a recent visit- she said I am no Shakespeare though)
  15. will fight for what I believe in

I think these are the values at my core- but who knows? I could actually be the opposite of them…

What are your core values?

What do you think are the most important core values?

How do you define core values?

Discuss absolutely anything you want about core values! (except abdominal exercises because I really don’t want to be an exercise blog…)

31 thoughts on “Core

  1. I believe our core values usually come from our upbringing (perhaps not always) I was raised to be honest, caring, hardworking and frugal and those are my core values. I also feel that I should respect others’ core values, even if they are different from mine.

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  2. 😁 The monologue one made me laugh. I think our core values are reflected in our actions. How do you live out your values ? Do your actions correlate with what you say you care about? Side thought: Is it getting easier or harder to live a principled life?

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    1. I think the problem with principled life is that there are so many detractors these days. I was talking (monologuing?) to my daughter. Remember when volunteering was a good thing? Now, you’re a savior, or you’re trying to convert, or you’re not doing it long enough, or too long, or your indoctrinating….what one’s thinks is being a good person might not be what another doesn’t? And more…when I see people not paying for mass transit, am I an idiot cause I do?

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  3. Definitely to never take more than I give: this is a big driver for me. And to have fun where possible- this is very important if you want to stay sane in this life. And to let peace start with me. And to be guided by nature, which knows how to keep things simple. Things I would like to change about myself: the overthinking and the making things a bit too complicated. 🙂 Amanda

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  4. I find this enthralling and of importance. Core values I believe make you and some are not easily known by you cause sometimes we tend to believe what we want of ourselves and not what is exactly true. Very interesting to call attention on 💜

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  5. Core values strike me as unchangeable, as something that you will never compromise on. But then again- I am learning to never say never! Like honesty. I think of that as a supreme core value- but then there’s the friend who really should be told the truth yet maybe you don’t actually lie but you bend things so far to cushion the blow that you’ve probably crossed the liars line…

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  6. I think core values are those things that propel us forward, and are used to gauge fit with other people, and contexts we enter into and or create. On my list: access and affordability, in regard to education, integrity, excellence, compassion, care, kindness, authenticity, vulnerability, and love. That’s what I got. 🙂

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  7. When Himself & I first got together, it was hard to see why we were a good fit as there were so many differences. But those shared core values were always present: professional standards and work ethic, education and curiosity, honesty and trust, financial security and home loving, laughter and affection. There’s some differences: he’s more disciplined than I while I prioritise kindness, he’s independent to a fault whereas I prioritise my family regardless of individual faults. But that core is a sound foundation so the differences aren’t a source of friction.

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  8. When I see the word “core” I think of the first Stone Temple Pilots album. Probably because “Plush” was an anthem for me way back in the day.

    Totally off track, but you did say we could discuss whatever we wanted to!

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