One of my friends had breast cancer awhile back. I am so grateful that her latest scan came back clean. There is nothing better to be grateful about than the good health of your friends and loved ones.

Let’s all remember to take care of ourselves and have mammograms and/or whatever health checks that you may need.

My prompt for the week is CHANGE. Here’s how it appears in the books that I’ve been reading:

  1. Enlist a side chair to hold a curated selection (of pretty blankets), where it can be seen and enjoyed, swapping it out as the seasons change. Martha Stewart
  2. Unsure how to ask what she really wants to know: who is he now, has he changed in all these years apart, after everything that’s happened. Celeste Ng
  3. I don’t think he necessarily gets me, but he doesn’t try to change me. Beth O’Leary
  4. In an instant Holmes had changed from the languid dreamer to the man of action. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  5. Later, she would remember that first kindness- the disciplined way he’d made the anger leave his face, the swift change of subject. Geraldine Brooks
  6. Each mother-child relationship teaches us our limitations and our strengths. It changes us in constantly unfolding ways and entwines us in the unpredictable mystery of another life. Caroline Kennedy
  7. What I do remember is that the farther north I go, the more the stars will change. Javier Zamora
  8. Writing at night, I am reflecting on a day I already had and am powerless to change. Julia Cameron
  9. Making small, simple yet significant changes along a longer period of time is the way forward. Pedram Shojai
  10. Everyone has a favorite, maybe the first book they hugged to their chest and told someone else about, or the one that changed the way they saw the world forever after. Jane Mount
  11. You can’t change the past. Graeme Simsion
  12. “Do you know,” said Kath, last month, Vogue said to buy a basic black dress and ring the changes with accessories.” AJ Pearce

Here’s what I’m going to think about CHANGE:

  1. Why are the things we don’t want to change always the ones that do change?
  2. Is change always positive?
  3. Should we force change?
  4. If someone says they never change, should you be wary?
  5. Is running away a good form of change?
All Things Pass

All things pass
A sunrise does not last all morning
All things pass
A cloudburst does not last all day
All things pass
Nor a sunset all night
All things pass
What always changes?

Earth … sky … thunder …
mountain … water …
wind … fire … lake …

These change
And if these do not last

Do man’s visions last?
Do man’s illusions?

Take things as they come

All things pass

40 thoughts on “Gratitude and Mindfulness- 10/14/22

  1. I’ll answer one of your questions: If someone says they never change, should you be wary? HELL YES! Step away, quickly. Change is the only constant in life- and if they don’t understand that, you’re dealing with an unhinged person. Just saying

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  2. #5- Running away is an excuse, an avoidance tactic. The thing that needed changing will still be there, will still need to be dealt with. People who run gain nothing. They should just come out and say they have no intent to change or deal with the issue.

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  3. Think of the things that bothered you last year – the major themes may remain but the details will have changed. Some concerns will have disappeared, others will have come back or started fresh. That’s life. people who can’t change are doomed not to improve. If I told you not to change because you are perfect just the way you are, I would only mean it in broad terms because it’s the small changes which make us interesting.

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  4. LA You made me think once again. Hmmm what is change? It can mean to transform , modify, diversify, or it can simply mean to evolve or advance. In some cases it might mean to regress or distort. Any way you look at it, change means something becomes different.
    Life changes. Society changes, and often viewpoints change over time. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes not so much.
    Most of us change as we mature. (Both emotionally and physically). I think if someone doesn’t accept change or admit that he/she has changed over time, than that person hasn’t grown or learned anything in life. I wouldn’t want to be the same person in my 70’s as I was at 20. I’m more patient, more knowledgeable,more worldly, and certainly much wiser now. Change is lovely.
    Everything changes over time. What doesn’t change over time? Very few things. I suppose a masterpiece doesn’t, or a theory, however, a painting, no matter how beautiful, chips with age and architectural structures eventually crumble.

    I personally I would never want the artwork of Sculptors like Michael Angelo to change, nor any of Shakespeare’s writings to be modernized. In that instance change would not be as pleasing to me.. Yet, I don’t mind when now and then, classical music sometimes rogue and is modernized. I still love the original compositions the best, but as a former rocker chick in the 1960’s,every now and then, a Little Rock n roll can add some flair to just about anything… lol. . ✌️❤️🎸Here’s Beethoven like you never heard him. Now that’s change…

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      1. LA I love that! I remember when I saw A knight’s Tale with Heath ledger they did that. Modern songs to a medieval story. It was edgy for it’s time and worked beautifully. If done right it’s brilliant. I bought the album to that movie and used to listen to it while on the treadmill. Now whenever I see a movie of knights battling I hear Queen in my head.

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  5. The Bible, Simon and Garfunkle…”to everything there is a season.” I think people have been pondering change since the beginning of existence. Good, bad, it seems to be the only constant.

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  6. I agree re the annual/biannual mammograms. I had mine last week, the wait for the results (usually a couple of days) can be nerve wracking but is well worth it for the peace of mind. I read the other day that breast cancer caught early is nearing a 100% cure rate, but caught late it’s 25%. Scary stats, but they were trying to encourage women to book themselves using a new online booking system, instead of a reminder letter/email.

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  7. I agree with Ally Bean. Everybody changes every day, even if only in very imperceptible ways.

    And no, not all change is positive. The trick is to make those changes you feel give you the best chance for success. That’s been my life plan, anyway (and so far, it’s pretty much always worked out that way) – which is why I, for one, embrace change.

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  8. Like it’s been said above, if a person doesn’t change, chances are they are not growing on a personal, professional or spiritual level. But….change for change sake is not necessarily positive. Just because you can change something doesn’t mean you should.

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