The NY Mets baseball team was in first place in the NL East most of the year. They had the chance to be in winner of the division. Until they blew it last weekend.

I’ve been a Met fan my entire life, and I admit this is not the first time that they’re screwed up and lost something. It’s sort of the MO of my beloved team…take us right to the edge, and then poof…like magic…it’s gone… (does anyone else see that this is a group of men who can’t quite seal the deal? But that’s a whole other blogpost…)

Oh was I mad over the weekend…

I stopped watching the game on Sunday and went to bed…

I stomped around. My doorman and I said we were giving up on the Mets…

Blah blah blah…

We all know I’m not giving up quite yet…

Ok- the Mets didn’t win the NL East, but playoffs…yes…we are in the playoffs…

So tonight I will be at Citi Field, high above the actual field of play, rooting on my Mets…

I’ll be rooting for me, because they are my team. I’ll be rooting for my daughter, because I’d like them to win in her lifetime. I’ll be rooting for my Dad, because this may be the last baseball season he has. I’ll be rooting for our friend P who passed last year, and was a bigger Met fan than I am. I want them to win for his memory…

So I’ll wish Jane who is a Toronto fan good luck, and Tater and his Braves I’ll begrudgingly tip my hat, and my niece who roots for the Mariners I’ll hope they have some wins…

But you all know who I will be rooting for…

Let’s play ball…

and Let’s GO Mets…

41 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Mets

  1. There’s something special about team loyalty, isn’t there? Since they’re an NL team, not in competition with my Jays, I say “Go Mets!” Besides, when we lost the Brooklyn Dodgers when I was a kid, it was the Mets who stepped in as our NL foil to the dastardly Yankees! 😏

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      1. OMG, I did not know that! My family and I are Dodgers’ fans. We may not bleed Dodger blue but we come pretty close, especially at playoff time. On a more directly personal note, by now we all know that both your team and mine are out of it and the Damn Yankees (one of my favorite shows) are still in but holding on by their fingertips. Night before last, Saturday 10/15, I stayed up way too late to watch two of my favorite teams (Univ So Cal Trojans and LA Dodgers) come from in front to end up losing!

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  2. I’m happy for you, even though any sport is non-existent on my radar. I suppose, by virtue of where I live that I should say with less than halfhearted enthusiasm Go Mariners

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  3. I can be Ok with the Mets winning a series, maybe two, and then they are back to enemy #1. I get the thing with your daughter and your dad. I’m happy that my son has seen the Ravens and the Braves win championships. I wish my dad had lived to see his Braves win the World Series.

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  4. Good luck! I don’t follow baseball but I love college football. We’ve become fans of my daughter’s university. I gave up cheering for my own alma mater for her PAC 12 team. They often disappoint though. Can’t finish the season without a disappointment.

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  5. The Braves might have come back and caught the Mets, but they’re going to go far in the playoffs. They’re going to be a tough out. If not this year, you can be excited too by the new ownership group … they scare me as a Phillies fan. Seem to be making the right moves for the long haul. Have fun!

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  6. I totally get your devotion to your favorite team. I grew up in Cleveland and my entire family were big fans of the Cleveland Indians. My brother and I would walk to the corner store and use our allowance to buy pumpkin seeds with the Indian Logo or candy cigarettes with that Logo. It was the 1950’s and neither of us realized that the smiling red logo was racist against Native Americans. I mean we had kids versions of their baseball uniform and caps and thought we looked awesome. My father and brother saw the Team play in person, but mostly the family watched them on TV. And we also watched my brother play in his little league games. Since girls didn’t have an opportunity to play ball back then I’d go with my dad to the park ( dressed as a Cleveland Indian player) when he’d pitch to my brother to practice. He’d let me play too but soon made me stop because I was better at hitting then my older brother.was. Too bad there weren’t teams for girls back then. As it turned out, my brother was great at pitching. But he collected baseball cards for years and so I did too. Some how I got a Mickie Mantle card and suddenly became popular with his friends because everyone wanted to trade for it. I finally gave it to brother. lol.
    There was no hometown baseball team when we moved to Florida.But I’ve always supported hometown teams. My boys and I went to Marlins games when they first became a team. (now the Miami Marlins). Bu t here’s the thing. I like playing baseball. I really don’t enjoy watching the game anymore. But I totally get the appeal and devotion.however if you ask me what’s my favorite team. I will tell you Cleveland is. I’ve switched from the Cleveland Browns to the Miami Dolphins but I think it hard to give up the memories of watching or listening on the radio to our childhood favorite teams. ❤️. Once a fan, always a fan!

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      1. Yes, it is nice. Especially as a child growing up. My father and brother were sports fans so I joined in too. It was a camaraderie of sorts. And having raised boys my oldest was a sports fanatic so I supported his enthusiasm and watched games with him. ( He was also very athletic so I watched him play sports and we’d go to local games as well). My younger son was into music and he’d be playing guitar during football games. With him our major bonding was rock music of the 60’s and 70’s. Today he buys vintage guitars and we connect on a music level. It’s funny. Between sports and Marvel comics with my oldest, and music and stage/film with my youngest, I was lucky enough to connect with each son on a personal level. I think that’s what it’s about. Connecting. Camaraderie. Sports, theater, music art etc. it all brings people together. The oldest is also a fine artist and in high school his art teacher sent his sports drawings in and they were published in several sports magazines. Both sons totally different yet they followed their own path. Looking back I feel lucky that I joined each one on their journey. And each works in the field of their choice. Ironically my brother who was athletic but became an attorney now goes and watches his grandson play baseball. And his grand daughter is pitching in softball. So I think the enthusiasm my father had for baseball in the 1950’s showed me that those memories are passed down and we share them with our kids who share with theirs. It’s really a beautiful thing! So keep cheering on those Mets! ❤️

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  7. I was disappointed to see the Blue Jays lost today in the wild card game. Seattle won 4-0, with three hits in the very first inning. They couldn’t catch up after that, had some opportunities, but couldn’t get anyone home. If they lose tomorrow, that’s it. I find the Jays do the same thing – they do well all season, or well enough to get close, but choke up at the end.

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      1. Well the Jays are out of the wild card series now – they blew a 7 run lead in the 5th inning today to lose to Seattle 10 to 9…..4 hours of nerve-wracking misery…it was unbelievable. I’m actually kind of happy I don’t have to watch any more.

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  8. As an old Bronx boy, sorry, but I am a die-hard Yankee fan. Not really old enough to remember the old subway series between Yankees-Dodgers or Yankees-Giants.
    I did go to a Mets game years ago in the Polo Grounds, and even went to Shea a few times. Let’s both hope for another series against each other…and THE YANKEES WIN!!!!!

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  9. I get the frustration that comes with seeing your team blow an important game. More so than most, being a Broncos fan…ugh. Now I have to contend with my beloved team being a national joke.

    Maybe I should switch sides and root for the Packers.

    Good luck to your Mets!

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