On another note- my book club had a really wonderful discussion on Wuthering Heights. I’m really glad that I reread this as an adult.

32 thoughts on “Veni, vidi, etc… 10/2/22

  1. I loved the pics of the San Genaro festival. It brought back memories. In the Bronx, I used to go to the San Silverio festival. Much smaller and I think it is gone now. Such good food. As for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, I went pretty often to the Bronx Gardens, which is just across the street from the great Bronx Zoo.

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    1. I thought it was such a nice place. I’m setting a chapter of the thing I’m working in in the discovery garden so I was absorbing atmosphere


  2. I don’t know why, but on your site I am having trouble “liking” comments. When I make a comment, I have to do the whole sign in thing. This has been for the last few days, maybe a week.

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    1. Someone else had that problem. The happiness people told me it’s because the person trying to comment wasn’t signed in properly. I will approach them again


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