I get lazy in the summer.


I said it.

It general I do have sloth tendencies- someone used the word the other day procastireading, and I thought it was pretty perfect. I have TOTALLY left the dishes in the sink, or didn’t clean the toilet because I wanted to finish a chapter, or start a new visual adventure… My house is never winning a Good Housekeeping seal of approval…


For the most part I’m reasonably productive. I make a to do list and I do.

But in the summer…

I use the humidity as an excuse. Oh- I can’t go to the gym because it’s too humid. I can’t dust because it’s too humid. I can’t do the laundry because it’s too humid. I can’t get out of the chair to get the remote because it’s too humid…

Then it becomes, well I don’t want to run the air conditioner because of expense/environment, that I have to move across the room to turn on the unit…

And I know that these are excuses. And sort of lame excuses. Yet, I still find it hard to accomplish anything in July.

Do you have a period of the year when you just can’t get motivated? Which season is your Achilles heel? How do you get through it?


Do you hum along at the exact same speed all year? If so, what’s the secret?

48 thoughts on “I Lag

  1. Summer’s my bad season as I suffer from hay fever and need to take anti-histamine. Unfortunately, they make me – if not actually drowsy, decidedly sloth-like. When it’s over, I can feel the burst of energy coming through. I love autumn/fall ❤

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  2. Light makes me energetic, dark sleepy. I’m go go go during the long, light summer days and much less active in winter once the time change happens. In winter, when the kids need rides to rinks at 8pm, it feels like an interruption to my sloth time… 😉

    I have no tips. I just suffer through it. 🙂

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  3. Generally I’d say it happens more in the winter but realistically I go through periods of time throughout the year that are full of zero motivation. I do like your analogy to a sloth. I use slugs as my descriptive during these times, but sloths provide a much less slimy image.

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  4. In Texas, I find the summer’s heat to be VERY wearing. I usually have to walk on the treadmill instead of outdoors, which isn’t nearly as enjoyable. In Michigan, the lack of sunshine and LONG winters got to be a grind. Weather and sunlight definitely have big effects!

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  5. I don’t like humidity–but I do like the longer amounts of sunlight in summer. I love fall—but part of me just wants to hibernate during winter and not wake up until it is spring again. Give me some good shows to binge on, comfort foods and some nice blankets/throws and I am set.

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  6. Summer is the same for me. My ideal temps are in the 60’s, so summer temps with high humidity give me zero ambition to do anything. This summer was warmer than usual and my garden was greatly neglected. Inside I don’t want to move too much, even though I have AC, just so don’t I have the sensation of sweat. I’m actually most active in the fall…go figure. So I can totally relate.

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  7. When I first moved to Oregon it was the dull gray that I struggled with, and struggled badly. Today, that’s not the case, yet, the winter can still provide one many reasons to excuse a lack of action. 😅

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  8. Before I retired from teaching after more than 3 decades, summer was my lazy time of the year. After working long hours creating lessons and writing grants and staying hours beyond my regular school day, it was a delight not to have to get up super early or go to bed early in retirement . I took advantage of those lazy hazy days of summer. Now especially living in S Florida, one human and hot day runs into the next. If I feel good I’m energetic. If not I’m lazy whenever I want to be!

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    1. PS. I generally feel more energetic in the winter, even though it’s colder and I hate winter. I think it’s in my DNA but hot weather and especially the humidity just makes me feel lethargic.

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  9. I can’t say that my lag really relates to any particular time of year. Recently I was waiting to hear about certain thinks to happen in my career and no news just got me in a funk. Hard to do anything productive, so I just tried to enjoy the down time as much as possible.

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  10. I was surprised to see how dominant summer was as the season of laziness. Perhaps related to climate change. Might this be putting the usual draggy effects of summer heat and humidity on steroids?

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