The NY Mets have clinched at least a wild card spot. I have a little teeny tiny bit of hope for post season play. I will give a cautious little #LGM…

30 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Etc…

      1. This is different than the movie…more politically correct. The cast is all women. They were all very talented and acting wise was great, and that was an interesting take on directing the show. But The show sort of drags though the second act


    1. The big thing is, I think, you have ten games and we have nine. That could really matter in the stretch. However, we close the season with 3 in Atlanta….I’ll go with yogi, it ain’t over till its over

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    1. Almost October. Crazy!! I’ll root for your volleyball team. My daughters college usually fields good soccer teams, though I have no idea how they’re doing this season, but I’m sure I’ll hear soon


  1. I always love to see the beautiful “tea ware” you share. When looking at that period room with all those beautiful chairs and settee, my mind instantly went to a scene from Sense and Sensibility when everyone is sitting there for eons just listening to someone play the pianoforte and I thought, “holy cow….I bet these chairs were highly uncomfortable, even though they are really pretty! LoL. As with many of the ornate things of that time, I would imagine. 🙂 Not sure what to make of the food item shown……I am clueless as to what those are…..sweet or savory?

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  2. To view more articles like you pictured, there is a place down here, Replacements, Ltd. If you need or want ANY, dish, plate, cup, statue, you can bet they have it. They have an immense showroom where they even give tours.

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    1. I’m doing the Met gallery by gallery. I realized I was only going their to see special exhibits and I never looked at the permanent collection. It’s really a wonderful collection of stuff


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