I love a feeling of accomplishment. If I can get the following done in the AM (except wednesdays) I feel like I can rule the world:

  1. drink a glass of water
  2. Do Wordle
  3. “meditate” for five minutes
  4. journal
  5. exercise
  6. make the bed

These six things make or break how my day is going to go. And wordle is one of them.

I admit that I have a slight obsession with the game. It’s become my morning fix: find a five letter word, spend one or two minutes, figure out the word.

I freely admit that I do not always get the word. Sometimes I strike out, and I’ve had more than my share of Phew’s…

But do you know what’s odd?

I often get the “hard” words quicker than I get the “easy” ones.

How do I know this? Because I am a NY Times crossword subscriber, I get a weekly newsletter that says which word was hardest and which was easiest to solve based on the average turns it took people.

For example: egret/gawky/cacao I got in three tries. The average was 4.8ish.

But take an easy word like PRIZE, and it takes me six turns. I didn’t get LIVER because I kept rhyming…These are words most people got in three guesses…

Why does my brain work this way?!

And what does trice mean anyway? (FYI- I got that word somewhat easily, though I really didn’t know that was a word)

But anyway:

Do you wordle? What words have tripped you up, or which did you find easy? Do you have a favorite starting word?


69 thoughts on “Wordle

  1. Wordle is part of my morning routine too. It’s a fun little way to get my brain going. I usually do the mini crossword as well, which can be surprisingly difficult sometimes!

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  2. I also quickly guessed trice and tend to be more easily stumped by simple words in Wordle, an important part of my morning routine. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes as guess six reveals a common word. I play for fun and don’t worry about my score but sending our stats to each other is a fun way to connect with my kids in the morning.

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  3. I didn’t get liver either–I recall going through the alphabet to figure out what the third letter should be—and liver must have not sounded right in my head. I think I had guessed liter before that and I was stumped that wasn’t the right answer.
    Someone told me audio was a good starting word since it contains all of the vowels except for e-I am not sure though. I usually pick random words–sometimes I will look around the room for a five letter word—chair, table etc.

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  4. So interesting! I was doing Wiesel for a while but then it just fell off my list of things to do. But I do want to be doing more more puzzles so maybe I’ll try to get back to it!

    I also love your list of morning things!

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      1. I didn’t drink a big glass of water which is normally how I start my day, and I started doing things, which lead to low blood pressure…bleh…trying to hydrate…

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  5. I Wordle in the middle of the night,when the cat wants a late night feed. My wife and both do and text each other our outcome. I have learned that if your first word has enough vowels it is quicker to solve, so using the same first word has helped. When I have every letter in the wrong place my brain has no problem rearranging but if suppose I only have one letter on multiple tries, I will Google 5 letter words that end/begin/second letter ECT to offer a multiple choice hint. My wife actively plays words with friends and loves scrabble. I’m not saying my vocabulary is poor or anything but I definitely don’t have range 🤣

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  6. Do I Wordle? Oh, I Wordle. I Wordle like nobody’s business! And I often find the “harder” words easier to solve, too. It’s tougher when there are many possible solutions – that’s a guaranteed way to burn through guesses. Doesn’t get more straightforward than “cacao” though!

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  7. I’m a little late to the game, but now I’m hooked. Trice was a phew! Only failed thrice so far. Four or less makes me happy. I get a lot of “hard” words quickly, I think. The rhyming words kill me every time.

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  8. Oh yes! A part of my morning routine too. In fact my husband and MIL do it too and we all compete against each other. We all have had our bad days as well. Oh the surge of adrenaline when all the letters turn green!
    What I hate is when you think oh I got this for you have 3 or 4 letters right on your 3rd try and then you get Wordled because there are too many words that fit!!

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  9. Funny, I’ve a post scheduled about morning routines! 😉

    I don’t Wordle as I really cannot afford the time. But also because in order to be any good at it, I’d need to get into it properly, in the same way as you need to with crossword puzzles. And rather like golf, I don’t have the patience to do that!

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  10. Hey, hey, talking about Wordle… yesterday I couldn’t figure out the answer and the NYT wouldn’t tell me the answer so I tweeted about the situation and found out someone else had this problem, too. Have you had that happen? I feel that a free game shouldn’t give me grief. Kind of bitter about it

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