“Buy your Mom an iphone” Tim Cook- CEO Apple.

There are compatibility problems when texting between android and apple phones, and Apple doesn’t care. They want a world where everything is apples, no oranges.

Let’s get past the “is it fair” or “is it right”… and let’s get past whether or not this a capitalist greed or communist my way or the highway, because really- no one is changing anyone’s else’s mind on any of these things. We believe what we want to believe, we pick a side and we mate with it for life, and we don’t want to entertain any other thoughts…

Is that a fair way to look at what the world has become?

I’m right- you’re wrong.

Na na na foo foo – stick tongue out emoji…

Isn’t the real issue that no one wants to work together in tandem to solve a common problem or reach a common goal? That no one is willing to compromise on anything? How bipartisan policy is just a word in a very old and dusty encyclopedia from the days where we had to work together because the enemy “out there” was greater than the one across the street?

When I read the Tim Cook comment, and I saw the ads that Apple has put on the information kiosks on the street, I couldn’t help but think about what kind of propaganda do we have going on here? What kind of childish, bullying behavior is at play? Was Tim Cook the kid picked last for the team, and now he’s concocting some cartoon level revenge play? I don’t know. It’s not a particularly good look for the CEO of a major corporation that has lots of information on everyone. And I mean everyone.

Do you trust this man with your money and your secrets? Ever say something you shouldn’t have? Ever sent a picture you shouldn’t have?

We had the cola wars, now we have the cell phone wars.

Do we really need more wars? Or are all wars just senseless and a waste of time and money?

34 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: If Apples Fell

  1. I haven’t had any problems at all with texts from android users. Interesting comments on beliefs and being rigid. My sister-in-law and I had a similar conversation the other day and came to the conclusion she is very rigid. And I’m very open minded to listening to the other side.

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  2. I wasn’t aware of the texting problem. Sounds like Cook wants to sell more phones. That’s what companies do. The battle for consumers’ minds is a forever war. At least it doesn’t tend to lead to mass graves or anything!

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  3. I have long operated by the notion that any company that promotes its products or services by putting down its competitors is either inferior itself, or has poor business ethics. If you can’t promote your business by focusing on your strengths and benefits, then you have quality/integrity problems.

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  4. Buzz word here is GREED! This goes way back though; it is not new. Microsoft (aka Bill Gates) and Apple (aka Steve Jobs) have NEVER played well together. It used to be very frustrating to send someone a document created in different software than the receiver had. Fortunately that has gotten better. I think maybe third parties helped that along.

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  5. Interesting. I missed this news story, but you’re absolutely right. Also, that was a pretty smug answer. And, unrelated to the topic, but related to the quote, we bought our mom an iPhone and she hated it. All she wanted was a Jitterbug phone!

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    1. It doesn’t happen all the time, but if I’m in a group text, I’ll sometimes get the texts out of order. Sometimes a text from my husband will take awhile to get to me. I also have the issue where if someone with an iPhone “likes” my comment I will get a text that says A liked blahblah

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  6. It seems nothing is off the table for disagreeing on things or arguing about whose views are right and whose aren’t. We’ve gone beyond bigger issues to the most non-important factors that add no real value to our life. It’s such a waste of time and energy. It’s exhausting. I remember a time when people at my church were making the iPhone their god (okay, not literally but it was getting up there). And us Android users were “the least of these.” Do we really not have more important things going on in this world, that we debate which phone is best?! Sheesh…

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  7. Every time a “1%-er” comes out with a statement like that, I am reminded of just how detached they are from reality, and how they could care less what happens to people as long as they are sending money in their direction. I have an iPhone, but I don’t replace it until I’m good and done with it. I’m not fascinated by the yearly releases where they just tweak a few things so those who always have to have the new shiny thing pay up. I don’t have any problems with Apple’s tech, so I stay with it. But that doesn’t make me proud to say I have an Apple product.

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  8. His comment was very condescending and elitist and it’s not even a good business comment. My husband has an android, and trust me, texting and sending photos/videos is a constant problem between us, a nightmare in group texts, where he’s the only person with an android.

    I think this is where we are in society, right now. Majority are just walking around spouting eff you to everyone who is different…because they can.

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