The second day of The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker talks about taking a walk every day and spotting something you’d never seen before. For my spot, I chose the plaza of a local college that is near my apartment. I often walk Betty down this place, and I was sure after years of dog walking, I’d noticed everything.

Ha she said.

How wrong I was.

Here are the things I’d never noticed- a block away from my house, in a place I walk through at least once a day.

37 thoughts on “Day 2- Observation book

  1. When I walk I look all around but it’s interesting to speculate on what I don’t ever see. At the same time I realize I do notice differences. Example: walking past a neighbors house yesterday I realized they had cleaned out and removed some of their plantings. It wasn’t a huge difference but clearly something that I had registered unconsciously to notice the before and after.

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  2. Hmmm I’m sure I over look many things around me. We get so absorbed in our daily lives that we do tend to over look or miss certain things. Or perhaps scenery just becomes like white noise and fades into the background. Last week when I went for blood work I got into the elevator because my doctor’s office is on the 3rd floor. I noticed that they redid the inside of the elevator. From top to bottom. New flooring, new lighting etc. I could pick out much of what was different but I had a difficult time recalling exactly how things looked before. Which is odd since it’s a slow elevator, I’ve taken often. I visit every month and the only thing I really remembered was the stickers on the floor telling people how far away people needed to stand from one another to be safe. I guess I must look down if I’m not alone. Until the elevator was updated I never noticed the details that were there. I’ll have to remind myself to be more aware…

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  3. Great post. LOL – I had a FUNNY thought. I imagine you in a CAT suit, becoming a burglar and stealing the latest Picasso. I liked that movie on Netflix – Red Notice. Cute movie. I DO think we should become MORE OBSERVANT. I’m going to start looking around too. Amazing observations you had.

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  4. You noticed some pretty cool stuff! I like that “torch” lamp. A couple days ago I took a very short stroll through a neighborhood in town and noticed how people have gotten rid of lawns. I’ll feature some of that on my blog soon.

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