Even in Europe, our wandering offered up quirky experiences- because there are always quirky experiences.

Charles Wheelan- We came, We Saw, We Left

Are there always quirky experiences?

Well, I guess that’s how we define quirky…Per our friends at merriam-webster.com:

quirky – unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way

I told you, when we were in Barcelona, our tour driver drove through the plaza to pick us up. While that might not seem odd to some people, that’s something I’ve never seen in NYC, and if there is a capital of Quirktown, it will definitely be New York City…

For example, my Husband and I were driving to see my friend at the shore- as we were driving through Manhattan, I saw a woman walking a pig. On a leash. And this wasn’t one of those cute little pigs that celebrities have- this was a big pig. Big. On another occasion, I saw someone walking a lamb…


So, what quirky things have you seen or experienced, either on vacation or in your hometown?


Have you never had a quirky experience?


45 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. In Greece we saw a truck drive by with an empty truck bed and the driver was driving with one hand and with the other hand he was holding a long pipe out the window. Seemed quirky that he would hold a pipe out of the window with an empty truck bed that the pipe would have fit in🤷‍♀️.


  2. I live in a quirky little town that has become a suburb of the big city yet allows for eccentric behavior. Weirdest thing here is the old man, perhaps not all there mentally, who walks around with a Q-tip in his ear. It’s icky, and decidedly a reminder that the quirky live among us.

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  3. I was walking in a different neighborhood recently. The homeowner had a short fence surrounding his property. Many “decorative” items in his yard. There was a pretend tombstone that said RIP to any dogs that poop in my yard.
    I wasn’t with the dog that day. But I always take a bag with me when I do walk the dog.

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  4. Because of this, I believe that life in a major city would be really interesting to me. I get a kick out of the unexpected. Eccentric. Everything that sets humans apart from one another in a meaningful way. My desire to visit New York City has become stronger as a result of your description of a pig and a lamb walking on leashes. 😂

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  5. While visiting friends in Lake Tahoe, we noticed a neighbor brought their pet geese with them and had a pen in the front yard where they hung out. There was a kids pool filled with water and I guess they fed them in the pen. One morning I woke up and glanced out the window and there was a bear lounging in the pen, just hanging with the geese who seemed totally chill. I assume the bear thought he would get fed with his new friends. Quirky! 💕C

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    1. There used to be a guy who went around on one of those seventies style bikes with the banana seat and basket, and he wore a Carmen Miranda style fruit basket on his head….

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