I wear eye shadow- part of my daily routine is sitting at my vanity and applying my makeup. This is fun for me.

My favorite eye shadow palette is the one pictured: Naked 2- Urban Decay Basics.

What I appreciate about this compact is that the colors are matte, go on somewhat smoothly, and the colors are muted and natural. The only problem I have is that I am always left with the very dark contour shade…

I know that I need a new palette, but I hate that I am wasting that whole color. I know that I can’t save it because makeup really does go bad- and you should be very careful as to what you put near your eyes. But the frugal part of me…

So many eye shadows only come in sets- this is the new order of makeup. And for my aging dry skin and eyelids, finding shadow that goes on reasonably well is important…but I sort of wish I could go back to the days of single color packaging- where I only need to replace one color at a time.

54 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Makeup

  1. This happens to me as well. Every now and then we have to bite the bullet, throw it away, and get a new one. What is even worse, is when you have a product you like, that works well for you and you’ve been using it for years – and they stop making it!! That drives me crazy.

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  2. I feel your pain! I’m in the same boat! I used foxy eyeshadow from Clinique forever. A swipe in the crease worked magic for decades. Then they discontinued that color and nothing else looked natural while making a huge a difference in my appearance . I tried everything. I moved to the packs of color groupings but only one or two colors worked. ( I used the lighter shade under the brow and medium for the crease). And there were always a few colors I never used at all. Clinique finally came out with the color foxier , which was not foxier at all. But it was pretty close. When I finally got used to it they discontinued that color too!! Honestly! I’m tired of the trends. I don’t want sparkle on my lids. I want something hypoallergenic, a medium muted shade of taupe or brown . Why don’t companies get that? I wish there was an over 50 makeup brand that didn’t cater to teenagers.And it bugs me to have to buy a group of colors in order to get the one or two shades I like.
    I love makeup. During aggressive chemo I lost my hair and eyebrows, and eyelashes which made me look like an alien. Every woman at the cancer center looked indistinguishable from one another. I found a company called Doll 10 and bought brow color that stayed on the skin and I needed to wear eyeliner since chemo takes away your lashes too. I needed some definition to my face so I didn’t look like just two eyes on a plain face. Makeup made me feel human again. Identifiable in a room full of bald women without eyelashes or eyebrows. I didn’t want to look like I was dying. I honestly want to smack people who says why bother with makeup. It’s how I recognized myself. It gave me my identity back. I was Lesley again, not cancer girl with some eyeliner and shadow. Feeling good about ourselves makes everything better.
    Keep wearing your shadow! BTW, during holiday time most brands have huge color pallets for cheap so you don’t have to feel guilty about not using all the colors.

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    1. Hi Lesley. I totally ‘get it’ When I was in rehab recovering from an accident that I later learned was ‘life threatening’ I too felt like a non person, wearing my pjs all day as did all the others there. My daughter said she knew I was on the way to recovery when I asked her to bring in my makeup. I always wear make up – not always eye shadow because as you say, colours keep changing and so much is wasted/thrown away. I hope your recovery from your fight with cancer is progressing well.

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      1. Yes, makeup definitely helps when you are struggling with a medical or physical injury. I hope you are doing well now Judith. My battle is beginning again since my cancer has returned. I went for a pet/Ct scan Friday and I’ll learn what’s next. But as long as I can still wear makeup I’m doing ok. Lol

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    1. Wayward I gave up mascara when I lost my eyelashes during chemo. They never really grew back all the way. I discovered that eyeliner gave the same affect. Blush is a must! I like lipstick and even wear it under my mask. It keeps my lips moist. My eyebrows came back very sparse so now I have to draw on a little bit at the ends. I don’t particularly like the current trend of drawing in dark fake looking brows. But having some brows does define the face. I also need some concealer under my eyes. I don’t sleep well these days So I wear some concealer, shadow in the crease, eyeliner and a dab of blush when I go out. I enjoy playing with makeup.

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    1. My day to day look is pretty subdued…I use two light shades and then the second to darkest color in the crease, but then I use black eye liner so everything is framed


  3. I wish they would make more “matte” eye shadow period…..esp. ones that don’t come in beige/brown tones, as I have deep set eyes and those colors just make them look worse. I prefer a muted light blue/gray shade, but if I can find one, there’s always a really dark blue that’s left over. I have tried cutting the darker color with a light beige/white base color and sometimes that works – I use an old empty pill vial to mix the two colors together.

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      1. I asked a cosmetician once why there weren’t more matte shades because the sparkly ones show wrinkles more and aren’t a good choice for older women and she said older women don’t wear eye shadow! Well they don’t wear eye shadow because all they can find is the sparkly stuff!

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