Every year we go to Cowgirl to celebrate my Daughter’s report card- have been doing it since Pre-k. This was my daughter’s favorite dessert when she was younger- the ice cream baked potato. It’s vanilla ice cream covered in cocoa powder, whipped cream (sour cream) pistachios (chives) and frosting square (butter) I am intoxicated with joy when we come here.
My daughter and I have been watching Sex and the City reruns this summer. This is the building that was used as Carrie Bradshaw’s house. I was interested in seeing something in person that I have been watching on TV all summer.

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  1. I agree about it being lacklustry, of course compared to all the beauty you recently saw in Barcelona it does pale in comparison. LOL!

    That dessert looks amazing!

    Cool about getting to visit the house of the Sex in the City series. My daughter thinks it would be cool if we could visit Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. 🙂

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      1. Oh Awesome, it is fun! When the kids were little we went down to North Carolina to visit family and we visited Mayberry. 🙂 The kids had fun being in the old jail and riding in the police car.

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      2. It was cool! Went to the barber shop too which was a candy shop inside and of course the kids loved that. 🙂 They had all kinds of pics on the wall from the show and other memorabilia.

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  2. The baked potato dessert is pretty clever (and delicious, I’m sure).

    On one trip to Seattle years ago, we made it a point to find the apartment building from “Singles.” It’s so ordinary, you’d never know it was the setting for a movie.

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  3. I love that you hunted down Carrie Brandshaw’s front door. That’s so cool. Where is that? My son Dante and I watched just about every episode of Northern Exposure when he was a kid. It was our thing. A few years later we visited the town of Roslyn, Washington, were it was filmed. It was fun to walk the streets and see the cafe we’ve become familiar with in the show. Love that ice scream thing! Hugs, C

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    1. It’s on Perry street in the West Village…there’s a donation box on the steps and they’re presently collecting money for Ukraine. We went to LA a few years ago so my daughter could tour Warner Brothers to see the Big Bang set…

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  4. The ‘original’ colorization/ornamentation thing is good for art history and all – I can appreciate it for that. But the effect time has on ancient art is like the patina on copper roofs – part of its current beauty, mystique and proof of its interaction with time!
    Being from Bldr county Colorado: Mork & Mindy’s house, Jon Benet’s house (too sad) and then the house in “Bananas” (Woodie Allen) come to mind at first thought. Common enough to see without having to actively search them out, too!

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    1. Mork and Mindy!!! I am a sucker for seeing things from tv and movies!!! As to the exhibit…agreed…I like it as far as learning and history…but why do we try to cover up aging and the effects of time?

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  5. I saw that exhibition too & it helped me leave the Met after only an hour…

    Where’s that front door? It looks just like a place I walked by in Brooklyn (but I’m sure it’s in Manhattan!)

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    1. That exhibit….didn’t it seem like someone’s kid had a phd thesis and they wanted to actualize it? I mean, there’s scholastic merit, but as an exhibit…bleh… the house is on Perry Street in the West Village…they have a donation box on the steps…if you take a pic you’re supposed to donate. The money presently is going to organizations to help Ukraine

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  6. Oh, there you are! I’ve been searching for the beauty you share in your “What Inspired Me” posts. 🙂 Pity though the exhibit was rather lackluster, I sometimes get this feel too after a museum visit. But Carrie Bradshaw’s house is a great find, and would be interesting to learn if any of the Sex in the City actors live there. As for ice cream baked potato…sounds like an acquired taste. Have a lovely and inspired week!

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    1. Not in that building, but a few of the actors do live in the neighborhood. About a million years ago I was in the farmers market and I saw Chris Noth. Also saw SJP buying sneakers at the Nike store, and Cynthia Nixon going to the playground.

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  7. For me, the sculptures would need to have to be displayed with more context surrounding the time period. It is interesting to think about how much more colorful they would have been. Those eras certainly had access to color; I doubt if everything was just the color of stone!


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