• We ate at Bar Canete- apparently a favorite of the futball team…we sat at the preferred table of De Jong, one of the players. Also thought there menu was interesting…and the food was spectacular. I think my husband is going to dream about the roasted pork dish…
  • My Husband’s highlight of the trip was seeing Camp Nou, home of the Barcelona FC. It is really an impressive stadium
  • That’s a little bit of an original Roman wall…can you imagine?
  • Finally bought espadrilles- pink of course…perfect souvenir of Barcelona!
  • Santa Maria Basilica- outstanding, as are all the churches we saw!!
  • We did not get to the Miro center, but we did check out his mural on La Rambla
  • Hotel Colon was a wonderful home for a few days
  • Our last meal in Barcelona was at Cal Pep- it’s sort of like a lunch counter with no menu- the waiter comes over and asks what you like and don’t like, and then he gives suggestions based on what they have that day, so you really have no idea what you are ordering- we sat in front of the cooks and watching them was poetry in motion- the way they choreograph and get the food out is worth the price of admission- plus…some of the best food we ate all week!! The picture is of the fried artichokes which were outstanding

24 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 6

  1. This sounds like a great vacation. I think it was a good idea to not try to “see Spain” or “tour Europe” in a week. There was so much to see and do in Barcelona. I imagine one week didn’t even begin to cover the many wonderful places, but you certainly visited a lot of them.

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    1. I don’t like the if it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium philosophy. We took two day trips, but felt we got a good feel for this little section of the world. You can’t see everything, and I wanted to just enjoy this corner of the world

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  2. What a wonderful adventure, memories to savor, and shoes to enjoy! I loved traveling with you LA, enjoyed al the sights, sounds, and tastes of Barcelona. Thanks for enabling all the stowaways! Safe travels home, hugs, C

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