• Saw opera Carmen at the Palau de Musica- First off- gorgeous venue. Secondly- Even though I’m not in Seville, how can you not see Carmen when in Spain?
  • Cava Sangria- It’s a thing and it’s perfection
  • Took a day trip/tour to Pals/Costa brava/Gerona
  • Pals is a Medieval city- really felt I was in a fairy tale- so wonderful. The church is from 900…
  • Costa Brava is just gorgeous- the water!!!!!
  • Gerona is another fairy tale city. Also a Game of Thrones city…apparently, parts of Season 5 were filmed here, including some wedding. Might have to watch the show to see it. Just so much history! But also a sad reminder of how much here was destroyed here do to hate…

20 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 5

  1. LA,
    How was the opera? Were you able to understand it or just feel it? One of these days (when I win the big lottery) I want to travel around and see wonderful castles in Europe…I’ve now expanded that to cathedrals as well! Mona

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    1. I read the synopsis before, but two of the pieces In Carmen are really recognizable pieces of music. It was pretty easy to get what was going on though. Cool experience

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  2. This is just a wonderful experience LA and I love how you’re sharing your observations on each experience. Your last statement was powerful, the intense destruction of hate! “Cava Sangria- It’s a thing and it’s perfection.” Cheers, C

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