• We did the ten course tasting menu at Cinc Sentits, which translates to five senses. I love tasting menus because I like to try different foods, and this place did not disappoint. What I loved was that they brought you a description of the dish before they served it. The presentations of all the food was just over the top spectacular.
  • Park Guell was a housing development conceived by Gaudi, which was a flop- the locals thought it was just weird and no one bought into the idea. Personally, I think it failed because there was a lack of hand rails- meaning- impractical. At some point form must function. I don’t know if I would have lived there either- we walked into the porter’s shack and I felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss village. The oddly shaped houses totally reminded me of when I took my daughter to Land of Make Believe-
  • Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya was awesome- both the physical structure itself, and the way the art was exhibited. I saw some really lovely works and discovered some artists I’d never heard of.

23 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 4

    1. If I still have the menu I’ll post it sometime over the next few days. We had three amuse bouche, (which don’t count)two apps, 5 savories…we had 3 fish, 1 beef and 1 pork, and three sweet

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  1. I took my son to Barcelona when he was 15, we had an amazing time (plus a massive fight when he wanted to stay home all day on his social media!). I loved Park Guell- I went twice- I was so entranced by the unusual designs, I didn’t think about practicality… and yes, absolutely blown away by La Sagrada Familia, made us both teary to stand in it. Enjoy that incredible city ❤

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    1. Why go out into the world and see and experience wonders when you can stay at home and communicate via technology with others who are mentally stuck behind a screen? What an opportunity, what a gift from you to your son. I hope he appreciates it in retrospect.

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      1. Of course he does. He just had a one day tantrum, but we’d been away from home for 2 months and he was missing his friends… it was all fine the next day, & he remains very grateful now (15 is a tricky age, he’s 22 now)

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      1. Two months is a long time for kids to be away from friends, and change and travel can be tiring at any age! The teenage years can be very tricky. It sounds like it all worked out great for both of you.

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  2. How are the tourists, is it crowded? For me in Italy, there were not that many. Although, I was told May/June it was full, but slowed down in July. I think it is the HOT weather. It’s nice if it is not so crowded. Have FUN!!

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