• Lomo Alto is a carnivores delight- they bring the meat out and slice it for you under a lamp- delicious
  • Took a tour to Monserrat to see the Monastery- the order was founded almost 1,000 years ago!
  • Of course, the highlight of the Monastery is the Black Madonna- and the tour said that we would see it. Well, we did see it, from a distance. To go up close and personal, you need to buy a ticket, and this was not included. So, during our hour of free time, I went to buy a ticket. Well, since we were with a group, they are only allowed to see tickets to the group leader, (our group leader was back at the minivan)…not the individual. It’s the rule… Of course, being the Ugly American I said something along the lines of – “Don’t you want my 8 euro?” because really…you’re telling me that a Monastery doesn’t need some cash? So I left without seeing the statue up close…but all is well…I got to see it from afar.
  • Apparently, Hitler thought that the Holy Grail was hidden in the Montserrat Monastery, not where Indiana Jones was looking. There are pictures of Himmler (I think) in front of the monastery…with groups that were going to look for it
  • There’s a painting of Mary and she looks older. Yet, I rarely have seen, if ever, pictures of Mary as a middle aged woman. Why is that? Is she not supposed to have aged?
  • Part of our tour also included a trip to a Winery- Llopart, which is 80% Spanish Sparkling wine- which this particular winery calls Corpinnat- a distinction from Cava in that it is supposed to be higher quality. I will say, all that we sampled was delicious!!!
  • My calves are considering going on strike- Day 2 saw us walk 27,000 steps…

29 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 3

  1. I visited the monastery at Montserrat some years ago, possibly before the ticketing thing because I saw it up close with no problems I can recall. I remember the precipitous climb up the mountain and the spectral wisps of cloud drifting in front of our feet, all around the monastery plateau. Moving and mysterious.

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  2. Had to laugh at you trying to buck the Spanish tour system of tickets! You are not the first and I am sure not the last who doesn’t understand nor want to adhere to such stupid rules. One of those things here in Europe that we who live here just sometimes need to remind people to go with the flow. Your pictures and trip looks like everything else is going wonderful!
    Safe travels.

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  3. I would have loved to be inside that monastery! How cool, though sorry about the whole ticketing thing. Glad you spoke up, even if it didn’t change anything. I am sure you made some others in line smile. 🙂 Your calves may NOT be smiling but think how strong they are getting. LOL!

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  4. Gorgeous monastery and I share your curiosity about Mary and aging? I mean after Jesus died there were no updates on Mary! I can believe how far you are walking everyday! That’s ambitious! I’m living vicariously through you! Stay safe, hugs, C

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