• I can’t do justice to La Sagrada Familia- one of the most impressive manmade sights that I’ve ever seen… Just amazing. Though I do like the shot of the pigeon… of course, you all know about my legendary fear of heights, falling and small spaces- I heard that one must go to the Towers at LSF- so I booked tickets for the Nativity Tower-steps…I made it down the staircase of death just barely…my hands were so slick with perspiration from my nerves I thought I was going to slide down. Worst part: after 450 steps of fear, it wasn’t really worth it…
  • Barcelona Cathedral is just gorgeous- built in the late 1200’s- I couldn’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship
  • Picasso Museum was good, but I’m not a huge fan of his work. I also had a glass of Cava before the museum, and as I am a lightweight, one glass was enought to make me think that his work looked proportional…
  • Paella…yum…
  • Found out that Gaudi was very into ergonomics- when he made doorknobs, he took a mold of his hand so he could figure out the natural curvature
  • My hotel has a breakfast buffet included- but this is no Days Inn stale croissant and weak coffee- we even had Cava if we wanted a morning Mimosa…which I didn’t…but I did have a 1:45 glass…
  • When the light turns yellow, there is no grace period for street crossing here in Europe. Only start walking on the green!
  • I always forget that when you ask for water in Europe you get a big bottle- no option for tap like we have at home
  • We walked 31,000 steps yesterday. My calves hate me right now. Seriously- I almost stopped at a nail place for a ten minute leg and foot massage…

49 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 2

  1. When I saw La Sagrada Familia for the first time, fifteen years ago, I said, “Now I can die as I’ve seen the most amazing manmade edifice ever.” You don’t need to go up the towers to appreciate it. I’ve been many times since and have never done that. You do need to walk around the building many times as every time you do, you spot something different. I love the breakfast buffets, they keep me full till the evening meal. Your calves will forgive you. xo

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  2. La Segrada looks amazing. I love the archietecture in Europe! Good for you in making it down the stairs of death, sorry it wasn’t worth it. At least you proved to yourself that you could do it!

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  3. These are gorgeous photos, thanks for posting. I knew the architecture was stunning, but this just moved Barcelona up the “when we travel overseas again” list.

    Oh and yes, I once asked for tap water at a restaurant in Paris (I was a student trying to save pennies). Everybody including the waiter was aghast. 😅

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  4. LA,
    The bit you wrote about Picasso made me giggle. Proportional, huh? Definitely, go get a leg and foot massage! You have much more to see! Thanks so much for sharing! Very cool pics! I’ve never had paella. I so want to give it a try! Mona

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  5. So your body is rebelling after 31,000 steps, get the massage! One thing I remember about Spain is no one ate dinner until like 10:00 pm, and that was considered early! So beautiful, love the pics, thanks for sharing your adventure. Hugs, C

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