To begin- I’m playing with what to title my Sunday posts- I like the thought of the five words in today’s title because it sort of represents what I’m taking pictures of. Any ideas on the best way to title these? Thanks!!

29 thoughts on “Inspiring-Interesting-Intellectual-Intelligent- Iconic- Impressive

  1. Those posters were especially interesting. It got me to thinking about my pre-teen and teen years — a hundred years ago — when we rather rabidly searched for cool posters for our bedroom walls. I wonder if kids today still put posters up on their walls………..or is that totally a thing of bygone eras? As usual, thanks for sharing these interesting pics!

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  2. Any thoughts on why/how the unions were a negative for women in film making? Did it become a “good ol’ boys club” or perhaps an opportunity for a power grab? Inquiring minds… (OH, another “i” word for you😉)

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    1. I don’t know for sure, but it appears that it did become a boys club…once things were organized, it was easier to exclude, or include as the case were

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