Dear Paper Source Family,
We are very pleased to announce that Paper Source and Barnes & Noble are now united under single ownership. Paper Source was acquired in May 2021 by the owner of Barnes & Noble and the company is now under the formal ownership of Barnes & Noble, allowing us to bring you many improvements. Paper Source will continue to operate as an independent retail experience, both in stores and online, and Barnes & Noble will remain your trusted bookseller; however, we wanted to make you aware of a few upcoming changes and are especially pleased to let you know of the benefits that these bring:
A Distinguished Assortment– Customers will now have access to a wider array of high-quality products and services, including Paper Source exclusive designs, across both brands and their respective channels.
Shared Return Policy– The brands will soon share the same return policy to allow for consistent customer experience. Updates to our policy will be made here in the coming weeks.
Gift Card Policy– Later this year, the brands will operate a shared gift card program to allow you to redeem as you choose in the stores of either brand. Details about redemption of cards, as well as our policies, can be found here and will be updated from time to time.
Credit Card Statement– Website purchases made at and will appear on your bank or credit card statement as ‘B&N PaperSource’. Store purchases will continue to appear as either Paper Source or Barnes & Noble, as applicable, on your bank or credit card statement.
Update to Privacy Policy– Customer data management for both brands is now covered in one privacy policy: please view the policy here.
As we complete the integration of our businesses, we are committed to delivering the same high level of service to which you are accustomed. If you require assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team at or by calling 1-800-PAPER11. We expect this to be a seamless transition for customers, with more benefits to come. We will keep you posted on further improvements as these are developed, notably the intention to bring the best of our respective Member programs to customers of both brands. We are delighted to continue to enhance the shopping experience for Paper Source customers.
Sincerely, Jenica Myszkowski COO & Chief Brand Officer Paper Source    
I was thrilled that I received an announcement of the marriage in my inbox…

35 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 7/17/22

    1. In our quarter, two people were there for what is known as generous pour (lots of wine) one guy was there for the oxymoronic bone in filet, but I was there for the pie

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      1. I on the other hand would not, every time you post gallery shots I hope to be moved but never feel connected. Although your art found in the city itself definitely touches my soul.

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      2. I always find some little nugget. A lot of times it’s “I can’t believe this was done by hand” and “wow. This is one of the first times this was done”

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  1. Not a fan of coconut but the presentation was lovely. I’ll have the berry compote in the background. I, being a member of B & N have not yet received my wedding announcement but I may crash the wedding as I have several gift cards burning a hole in my wallet and while I love books, I also love paper. I think the door from the outside is much prettier than the door from the inside. Love the bicyclist. LOL the name of the bank. Isn’t it amazing when you find something new in a place you’ve been to before? Happy Sunday to you, LA.

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    1. BN hasn’t sent anything yet…just paper source. Isn’t that odd? I’ve been working on my observation skills…amazing what you notice when you pay attention. I was also at union square when there wasn’t a farmers market…different days offer different perspectives…

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