I recently bought a book at Barnes & Noble and the receipt showed up as BN/Paper Source. I had completely forgotten that BN bought Paper Source last year.

My very two favorite stores in the world got married.


My two most favorite browsing experiences are in stationary stores and book stores- the mere thought that all this paper and ink goodness has become a union is almost too exciting for me to handle. I am awash with glee!

Insert smiley face, hearts and exclamation points…

I don’t normally push recently married couples to have children, but really, I am anxiously awaiting the day when there is a BN/PS superstore… Can you imagine the planner section? The journals? The range of happiness and you go girl books on personal growth? And what about tea and all its accoutrements? Coffee table books about art and the color Pink, and maybe even the singer Pink…The possibilities are endless.

This is the marriage I am most rooting for- this is the marriage I really want to make it for the long haul…

So congratulations to my two favorite stores. Remember, communication, respect and an occasional compromise are key to a successful marriage. May the honeymoon period last forever.

38 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: The Best Marriage Ever

  1. Back in the days when I still bought new releases I quite enjoyed B&N. It was easy to forget about the rest of the world when surrounded by all things paper and print.

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      1. We moved during the shut down. I think I got too used to Amazon. The small town where we are has art galleries, consignment stores and restaurants. I haven’t discovered a book store.

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    1. Ok…I had to take a deep, cleansing breath… it’s a store full of things you totally don’t NEED, but completely WANT….journals, magnets with pithy sayings, mindfulness stuff, etc

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  2. I am doing a happy dance just thinking about it. Have any of those differences you are looking forward to actually happened or is there a 9 month wait before the baby is born? It will probably happen in NYC first!

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    1. Not yet, though I did notice paper source products in my very large BN that I frequent. I do wonder if my local paper source will close though…they already closed the one closer to my house, but that one was really close to the bn

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  3. This isn’t the what I expected to read from your headline 😀 but I LOVE it! As you say, the perfect marriage. I’m wondering about the potentials for similar perfect matches on this side of the pond already 😉

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  4. What is the best marriage advice you would give to me if I will be married in a month so our relationship will be strong physically, emotionally, and in terms of longevity, and what are some common marital mistakes that I can avoid in our marriage?

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    1. Communicate. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t nag. Respect your partner. Take care of yourself because not if you’re not in a good place you won’t be a good partner. Forgive.

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