I was at the Botanic Garden the other day, taking pictures of flowers. I was very focused on this one particular grouping, because the flowers were amazing. So focused was I on taking photos, I did not even give a thought as to why the flowers had droplets of water on them, even though is was a cloudless day with bright blue skies and sunshine. Obviously, the sprinkler water that soaked me five seconds later gave me the necessary clues to deduce that they were watering this particular area…So I am very grateful that my focus on one task at a time is improving…however…I realize that sometimes you have to stop and look around you before you start focusing.

My journal/mindfulness prompt this week is CLARITY:

In the books I’m reading, clarity was used in the following ways:

  1. Isak was astonished by her clarity; she had thought this through. Min Jin Lee
  2. (Gratitude) turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. Melody Beattie, as referenced in a book by Melissa Michaels
  3. Reading poems can help bring clarity and insight to emotions that can be confusing or contradictory. Caroline Kennedy
  4. An awful pain seared, sharp enough to snap her into a moment of clarity. Nina de Gramont
  5. But I knew, with a flash of clarity, that we wouldn’t. Julie Clark

What clarity brings to my mind:

  1. Why don’t more people use this word? It seems underused and undervalued
  2. quote 2 is a great reminder of gratitude and it’s power
  3. Do we ever see things with clarity, or is it always mucked up?
  4. Is clarity too mixed up with self doubt?

29 thoughts on “Gratitude and Mindfulness: 7/2/22

      1. As my daughter points out to my husband, new yawkers drop their R’s…so perhaps you’ve been reading me too long, dropping r’s in your head…

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  1. Maybe we don’t use the word clarity often because we rarely have clarity. I hate to reference politics and “news,” but doesn’t it seem that there are constant attempts to obfuscate? Every time I hear a politician say “Let me be clear” a red flag goes up.🤨

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  2. CLARITY: hilarity… cause for me ambiguity is the zeitgeist backing vocals to the hit parade of the past half decade and it’s only gonna get louder and more discordant. …but you’re right to appreciate and seek perspicuity wherever it may be afforded. Peace out.

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      1. Bertrand Russell had something to say about those rare moments of clarity “The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” Maybe it’s a good thing that we have those doubts from time to time? If nothing else, it gives us an opportunity to see the purple elephants!

        I read somewhere that to save the elephants, they started to dye their trunks to make sure hunters don’t kill them for them. We might have more purple elephants soon 😀

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      2. While I completely agree that doubt is necessary, isn’t seeing the doubt part of the clarity? If that makes sense? FYI…purple elephants!!

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  3. That is so funny that you post on Clarity when I just posted on Confusion – well not yet though, it’s scheduled to go live on Tuesday but still. lol. I didn’t think to use the word clarity and I suppose if I had on the rosy glasses I would have. lol.

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