Awhile back, one of my blog buddies wrote a post- the 100 things they love. I thought I’d take a try at this.

I try not to have too many “things”, but I find that some things make my life a little better.

  1. sweet, milky tea brewed in a teapot, served in a thick mug
  2. my desk
  3. pink gel pens
  4. my tea mug warmer
  5. Nook app for ipad
  6. ipad
  7. my postcard of Madame X and the actual painting Madam X
  8. lighted makeup mirror
  9. Jo Malone English pear and freesia
  10. pink fuzzy blanket that sits on my bed
  11. adjustable bed frame
  12. black pearl earrings
  13. silver heart on a chain necklace
  14. pink moleskin journal
  15. indoor plumbing
  16. sweet cherries
  17. brie
  18. cheeseburgers, medium rare
  19. McDonald’s French Fries
  20. mille crepe cake at Lady M bakery
  21. high tea anywhere I can get it
  22. watching a Met game at CitiField
  23. Exploring art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  24. Tulips
  25. the color pink
  26. getting a seat on the subway
  27. when a book ends perfectly
  28. discovering a perfectly made film/movie
  29. flower gardens
  30. the pile of cards my daughter has made me
  31. when I can do the New York Times crossword puzzle without errors, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  32. planning a vacation
  33. Concerts at Carnegie Hall
  34. seeing live theater
  35. Film festivals where the director is present to talk about the work
  36. ongoing text conversations with my friends
  37. sitting with a book and a cup of tea
  38. Champagne, Prosecco, Cava
  39. brunch
  40. my planner
  41. sunrises
  42. sunsets
  43. 80s music
  44. my Longchamp purse that I bought in Paris 30 years ago
  45. finding a great quote
  46. a slice of Pizza from Joe’s
  47. air conditioning
  48. fresh flowers in my entryway
  49. the words of Jane Austen
  50. my pink, silky, flowery robe
  51. fuzzy slippers
  52. when I get all my errands done by 11am
  53. browsing the new releases on Tuesdays at Barnes and Noble
  54. long, hot bath with bubbles
  55. getting a pedicure
  56. discovering something I never saw before
  57. one of my pets snuggled on my lap or my feet
  58. when subway connections run smoothly
  59. my daughter’s smile
  60. my 32 ounce water bottle that closes tight
  61. songs that remind me of those I love
  62. Frasier reruns
  63. The Sure Thing
  64. headphones
  65. Trivial Pursuit
  66. discovering a book store when I travel
  67. old school arcade games
  68. tennis
  69. Masterpiece on PBS
  70. gorgeous clothing exhibits
  71. waking up early
  72. going to bed early
  73. walking
  74. black dresses
  75. taking photographs
  76. catching a great busker
  77. writing in the morning
  78. kittens
  79. puppies
  80. screened in porches
  81. lazy weekends at the shore with my besties
  82. hotels where breakfast is included
  83. making my bed in the morning
  84. New York City in the spring and fall
  85. anywhere but New York City in July and August
  86. shopping for a new planner
  87. organizing something in my house
  88. cozy British murder mysteries
  89. Downton Abbey
  90. touring old homes with beautiful furnishings
  91. anything by Bach
  92. Spotify
  93. Farmer’s Market
  94. taking a nap on the couch
  95. Real Simple magazine
  96. trying a new recipe
  97. getting someplace right before it gets crowded
  98. having something to look forward to
  99. having memories to look back on
  100. Waking up in the morning ready to experience the new day

45 thoughts on “100 Things

  1. Just about ready to head out the door to work. Need to do the chicken chores before I go. I will be back to leave a real comment. Love this list. A lot. Thanks for sharing this! DM

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      1. I agree! BTW: your last post was great, I just have a hard time processing these quickly changing but life-altering events and then putting my thoughts into a neat understandable ‘comment.’

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  2. I have a few of the same except change number 1 to coffee this morning and the anticipation of a good day. And I am good friends with my ball point pen, heavy and old fashioned. No errands today running but if done by 11 am and out of the gym, I am good. Enjoy your day.

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  3. Wonderful list. I had to replace our air conditioner a few weeks ago. So grateful to have a fully functioning air conditioning system now.
    I’ve never had tea with milk—will have to try it.

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  4. LA,
    Nothing like being seated right away at your favorite restaurant and then seeing long lines of waiting people as you’re leaving! This list is a wonderful way to show and experience gratitude! By the way, I’ve always wanted to try a crepe cake! A souffle, too. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen this year. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ Mona

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  5. What a fun, wonderful list. You know I am with you on the fries! πŸ™‚ Sunrises yes, especially on the beach! ❀ Always nice to take time out and think of our favorite things.

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  6. What a wonderful list with such a wide & varied selection of things. I’m inspired to do likewise in a while. I hope its creation helped in the way you need it to πŸ™‚

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