1. I was surprised to see WordPress as an answer in Wednesday’s New York Times crossword puzzle- but an easy answer to get
  2. Reading books by LGBTQ+, Black, LatinX, Asian, and whatever authors should not be confined to a “month” or a “day”. Don’t read because you are “supposed” to- read because there’s great literature out there. We should honor all people every single day of the year.
  3. I am done with the Medieval Galleries at the Met- but not the Cloisters…need to head up there this summer
  4. Water Memories is a very interesting exhibit- it’s small but has a nice mix of art and artifacts.

38 thoughts on “What Inspired me: 6/26/22

  1. Beautiful! We went to a big plant sale yesterday at the University nearby. Word had finally gotten out and it was packed with new people buying so many plants as if they had just resettled here and were looking to do whole yards. We are planting a few things today. Neighbor gave us a beautiful old bird bath which she did not want. Husband is out there making it work again. Your food places look delicious right about now!

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  2. Great week! Just watched on CBS about the Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art . Have you seen it? Would love to see it! Wow what an exhibit.

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  3. The Medieval Art Galleries sounds most interesting. In another life I think I was supposed to be a medieval scholar, lol. Since you seem like you are frequently in museums I wonder if you have ever played the online game Artle. You are shown four works of art by the same artist and have four guesses to determine the artist. I don’t get it right most of the time but it is still fun.

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  4. I have never had smokey avocado dip, but that sounds like something I could really get into. I love the exquisite stained glass. So many things have been destroyed in (senseless) wars that it is a blessing when something like that survives. Its beauty rivals that of the flowers you photographed.

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  5. Do you always leave Betty’s harness on? Love the stained glass. Be careful in the streets of NY now with everyone carrying guns (or that’s what it seems like will happen). Congrats on your Mets. We still have a way to go but I’m betting we get hot after the All Star Break.

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    1. No. We normally take the harness off when we come in. To be fair nyc has really strict gun laws, and yet there are multiple shootings every week. Last week rival gangs killed people in the Bronx. Amazingly no one saw anything…

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