My Husband and I play WORDLE, and my Husband introduced my Father in Law to the game. he usually texts my husband to tell him how many turns he needed.

So one Sunday morning, where the word was, I think, psych, my Husband gets a text from his Father:

FILDo all words need vowels?

HUSBAND– What do you think the vowels are?


HUSBAND– And sometimes Y

My FIL calls my Husband- incensed. He says that neither he nor his partner have ever heard of this nonsense about Y being a vowel. He thinks my Husband is making this up. He’s yelling that I should ask my parents what the vowels are.

So I call my parents, who not only say Y, they also add that W can also be a vowel.

My FIL challenges my Husband: Name a word that uses Y as a vowel?

My Husband responds: WHY.

My FIL starts to talk: Be… Goodbye Son. Have a good day.

48 thoughts on “And Sometimes…

      1. The other day we had grief from all four of them, about various things, and I looked at my husband and said…were relatively nice people aren’t we? How did this end up in our laps?

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  1. Your FIL is so silly. I assume he’s a little older than I am. So If he was educated in this country, he certainly would have learned the rule, “And sometimes Y.”. My parents knew it and they were born in 1919 and 1920. My in laws were born in 1930 and 1931 and knew the rule too. And I was born in 1949 and learned it in kindergarten or first grade. I taught it to elementary school students for over 3 decades and my grand children learned it in either pre school or kindergarten.. My point being it’s been used forever! Your fil most likely forgot. And he’s probably embarrassed. It happens.
    The other day I momentarily forgot what a direct object was. My sister misused The pronoun I when it should have been me. I went into teacher mode to explain the rule to her after she told me she always got those two confused. So when I tried to explain she could instantly know by the subject or the direct object which one to use, I went blank and forgot my grammar rules . So, if I taught those rules for decades and suddenly forgot one and I used to know my grammar inside and out for years, then someone who didn’t teach it could easily forget as they aged. (It’s the old saying, use it or lose it.) I think your fil forgot. However, if he was grew up with or was raised using another language, he may not recall it. But, if he grew up in America then he learned it. He sounds like a stubborn guy. Lol
    BTW, I will have to look up the rules to how to play WORDLE . I see everyone posting them so I want to try my hand at the game too.

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  2. LOL. I have learned some new words playing Wordle and am in a group chat with my daughter and two of her friends where we share our results each day. That’s funny about the Y. Didn’t they always teach that in school?

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      1. Perhaps it will make your husband feel better to know that my FIL argued up and down that the brown M&M’s do not have any coating on them. They are just plain chocolate! We read the ingredients to him where they mention the colors.
        “See, brown isn’t mentioned!”
        You gotta laugh or cry!

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    1. What I like about it is it’s quick…I spend about two minutes max so n it, and then I’m done for the day. It’s just a little brain warmup for me

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  3. I got a good laugh!!! WHY is the last town we pass through on our way to Mexico in the Gulf of California. There’s a water tower with WHY painted on it and a few houses. I need to stop and get a photo of it next time.

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    1. We were once talking about Arsenic and Old Lace, which is a fave of mine. He argued with me about Boris Karloff being in the movie, and even when I pulled up about a million sources saying Karloff wasn’t in the movie, he still didn’t believe it

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  4. It’s funny, because I was an English major and I’m a writer, but if someone asked me which letters are vowels, I’d answer “A E I O and U.” I’d have to think about it to realize that Y and even W can be vowels……. But I like to think I wouldn’t get upset if anyone pointed that out to me!

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  5. So many great and funny stories here! For some reason, before I’d read all the way through the thread, I was able to pull up an old quote I may have heard in a class, maybe even as far back as elementary school, that phrase about vowels that ended with “and sometimes W and Y.” Thanks for making me realize I may not have “reverse Alzheimer’s” if there is such a thing. Maybe that’s due to the fact that I’m making a conscious effort these days to listen better to those around me so I can recall recent events. As a result, and based on recent experience, I seem to have “lost” a bit of my long-term memory.

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