I decided I needed to work on improving my focus- so I when I saw an article about improving one’s focus, I jumped right into it.

At the same time I was:

  1. checking my email
  2. monitoring blog comments
  3. watching a show on HGTV
  4. Looking at my TBR to figure out what to read next
  5. petting one or both of my pets
  6. figuring out what time I needed to start dinner
  7. texting my friends and my daughter
  8. figuring out whether or not I needed a pedicure
  9. thinking about what sort of tea I should have
  10. playing a word in Words with Friends
  11. making a list about all the ways that I can improve my focus

74 thoughts on “Hocus Focus

  1. 😸Swami Sarvapriyanandaji says that we think we are multitasking but actually human brain does not have the capacity to multitask. As a result, in the name of multitasking we are not doing any work properly. Sending the link to you in case you are interested.

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  2. So true! In a world where we are always multi tasking is it any wonder that it’s difficult to focus?
    When I read I often have the tv or music on in the background. And even if I don’t, 98% of the time I read on my kindle app on my iPad. So I’m distracted by constant banners sliding across the screen letting me know who is texting me, emailing me, calling me etc. I even have weather updates. (It’s hurricane season) and so I get radar alerts for storms, lightning etc.
    But I’m finding lately that as I get older my focusing on one thing is more challenging. As a teacher for over three decades I was a master at multi-tasking. (My students were convinced I had eyes in back of my head). But now, the minute there is a commercial break on tv, I pick up my iPad or phone and look at it as if I’m missing something, somewhere in the world.. As if I HAVE to be doing something else during that break or I feel guilty.

    Is our problem with focusing really a problem or just that we have become used to having access to so much info that we are addicted to always doing something every minute of the day? It’s as if we NEED to be multitasking. I feel guilty if I sit through an entire movie or spend a day reading an entire book. We have been conditioned to be constantly moving or working on projects so we rarely focus long enough on any one particular thing. Maybe it’s Multi tasking has that has become the real problem. Society seems to have become impatient. We can’t just sit and wait anymore.

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    1. You make a great point. I think have become addicted to the influx of info available. I’ll be reading and it will spark a memory, or make me think of something, and I’ll immediately jump to that, which leads to something else, because it’s all so easy to do

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      1. I know! If I’m reading and the book mentions a historical figure I stop and research that person. Or if a painting is mentioned In a book or article I have to see it. Since we can investigate in a matter of seconds we jump on ideas that lead us all over the place.

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      1. When I really need to focus I use a timer and stick to a specific task for 15 minutes then take a break. But, I still screw up sometimes

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  3. My to-do list is always overloaded, but I do focus on doing one thing at a time. Of course, life & other people make that difficult (sometimes downright impossible) but that’s my preferred method. When I was younger, I used to multi-task with pride, but not now 😀

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