I’m going to be nosy today:

What do you keep in your nightstand?

I admit, this post was inspired by my watching Sex and the City, but for the purposes of this blog, keep the TMI rule in your mind…insert wink here…

On the surface of my nightstand I have:

  1. lamp
  2. picture of my daughter
  3. a mug that my daughter painted which holds: hand cream, sephora lip mask, and nail file
  4. coaster
  5. small wooden cat in sleeping pose
  6. diffuser bottle

I have three drawers in my nightstand:

In the top drawer:

  1. a power strip because I charge my phone and ipad overnight. I have a long cord so I can read and charge before I go to bed.
  2. box of tissues
  3. lavender room spray
  4. Carmex
  5. cough drops (ricola sugar free lemon mint)
  6. pen and notepad
  7. book light

Middle drawer”

  1. fuzzy socks
  2. moisturizing gloves
  3. foot lotion
  4. eye mask (the kind that can be cooled or heated)
  5. flashlight
  6. wooden sticks for essential oil diffuser
  7. essential oil (lavender)
  8. advil
  9. benedryl
  10. nasal spray
  11. thing that gets rough calluses off feet

bottom drawer:

  1. pajamas

Now it’s your turn: what are the things that you think are essential to keep next to your bed? Do you use a nightstand or a table? Tell me how you set up the bed area.

66 thoughts on “The Nightstand

  1. Great question – You are ready for anything! My nightstand is actually a desk. On the surface, because I live with a minimalist, I have a clock, a mousepad to use as a coaster, a mug of pens, a college publication that I use to cover up some paint chips and a picture from our wedding day. One the inside drawers are all the kids’ report cards and class pictures, plus the old notebooks I’ve already filled when I read. And of course, all the odds and ends that I’ve thrown in the top drawer to “put somewhere.”

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  2. Top of night stand, box of tissues, lamp, first shelf -pens, lip moisturizer, essential oils, hand cream, second shelf – books, charger for phone, glass of water, third shelf – tray of nail polishes and treatments, cozy house socks (feel like heaven to wear rather than house shoes) and over all a lovely sheen of dust. Sometimes.

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  3. I have no nightstand by my side of the bed. On the other side of the bed on a nightstand is a lamp, a clock radio, and a coaster for a beverage. No drawers, so no salacious private details to share here.

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  4. Wonder what they say about people.
    Top Lamp, hand weights, moisturiser, iPad
    Drawers have scarves and pyjamas. Sex in the City would get boring reviews if I were in it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. Let’s see…going from memory here…radio alarm clock, lots of family photos, cordless phone in its charger a bottle of water (at night usually), my inhaler, my two pair of eyeglasses (one for reading, one for distance) and several books including my Nook! Many nights, Birdie (our cat) will sit on it and stare at me. Hate when she does that! Loose change in the only drawer, which is shallow (it’s a writing desk that I use as a nightstand), a wooden back scratcher, cough drops, mentholatum, Chapstick, old pair of glasses…can’t think of anything else but I know there’s more. I probably need to clean it out! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 Mona

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  6. I have two night stands. (One on each side of the bed). My nightstand to the right of the bed has an old school clock radio, a Kleenex box, an antique lamp, and the latest book I am reading. The one I use the most is on the other side. (I am a widow so I use both night stands myself). The other night stand is my service stand. It has a pill holder with the medication I take before bed each night. I ALWAYS put a fresh bottle of water next to my bed too. And then I have an old bone China rectangular dish with my migraine medication inside. (I often wake up with an aura and need to immediately take a pill before the full blown headache starts). I also keep my nausea pills on the dish . So if I awaken sick from chemo I’me prepared. I used to have cute accessories at my bedside, they have been replaced with medication these days. But we do what we must. Lol
    Oh, I forgot…In the drawer to that night stand I keep the remote to the bed, (it moves up and down like a hospital bed). And the two tv remotes. Underneath, on a shelf I have the plug stand where I charge my phone. I also have a landline phone on the same shelf. I think that’s everything. Oh wait! A pair of reading glasses! Now we’re done!

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  7. I have a bookshelf that has cubbies with pull out containers. On the top is my jewelry box with a stack of books on top, a lamp, box of Kleenex, my iPad, the current book I’m reading and the cords for my chargers. In one of the cubbies the shelf I have more books. In another I have more books, including my journal and a basket that holds pens, the instructions for the remote, nail files, toothpicks and nail clippers. In another cubby is a container with warm socks and a couple of hand towels. The other cubby has a bin with sheet sets. There is a little ledge on the side that has a flashlight. I got a jewelry armoire from my mom so I plan on getting rid of my smaller jewelry box so that will free up more space for books!

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  8. My nightstand has a secret drawer where my jewelry lives. The top drawer holds my notebook for my morning pages, a pen and flashlight. The second drawer holds slips that I haven’t worn in years. The third drawer holds all my belts, which I also no longer wear.

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  9. Why so much stuff? I don’t have a nightstand. I have a floor lamp beside my bed and a small bookshelf and all it has on it is books. I keep the things that you listed in my bathroom which is a few steps away. I don’t spend much time in my bedroom. I only sleep and `~wink wink~ in my bed. If I want to read or relax, I do it in my recliner.

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  10. I have a foldable lamp, mobile and Kindle by my pillow. I don’t have space for a bedside. My queen size bed takes up all the space.

    When am reading a physical book that
    also is kept by the side and at times the

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  11. We’re still a mess from moving. I hope to have fancy bedroom set-type furniture with fancy things like nightstands and drawers. Someday…

    (No, literally, my ‘nightstand’ is the three-drawer $20 baby clothes dresser from Amazon that falls apart if I set something heavier than foot cream on it. Granted, I live in a desert so my foot cream is weighty.)

    For purposes answering your question; I keep a charging cord, baby monitor, foot cream, water bottle, lamp, and a burp cloth or nursing pads to cover the light from the charging cord and baby monitor.

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  12. I have a lamp, a small, colorful Mexican dish for my right-before-bed pills, my Shakespeare for each day book,and chapstick. When I go to bed, I add my iPad, cell phone for checking the time in the middle of the night, and my water bottle. I have one drawer with some not frequently used but needed items along with socks and a notepad and pen. Under that is a closed shelf where I keep out of season nightwear and a box of greeting cards from those I love.

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  13. Here we go. On top I have 8 books, getting dusty, two candles, a pic of a hike from last summer, lamp, and iPad. Top drawer – lotion, two pics and frames that need to be recycled, charger, glasses case, 6 magazines, sharpie. Bottom row shelves, more books, and a journal. That was fun. I need to clean some of that out! 😅

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  14. Our nightstands were detached from a 50s headboard. The contents of mine are largely reflected in other people’s comments, with the addition of a CPAP machine, contact lens stuff, and cute saucer to hold my daily jewellery. I only keep on it things I use every morning and/or night. My phone is there as I listen to a meditation & sleep story before sleep, plus ear buds case. Whilst my drawer holds boxes of medication, replacement contact lenses and a torch, it also holds a bunch of stuff I never use, so will be disposed of now you’ve drawn my attention to that fact! Other than a small wardrobe, nightstands are the only storage in our bedroom so are more cluttered than I’d like.

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  15. The top of my nightstand has my 3 favorite books (that I’ve read a dozen times), along with a Bible. A candle, and my noise machine. The shelf on my nightstand contains lotion (can’t stand dry feet at night–LOL) and my carpal tunnel wrist support for those nights it acts up. Inside the nightstand are a stack of books yet to be read.

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  16. My nightstand is just shelves. They hold books, a basket with greeting cards I have received, a vintage photo of my old house, a flashlight, tissues, an antique powder box that reminds me of one my mother had, and more books:)

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  17. My nightstand has a lamp, box of tissues, water spray bottle when the cat really gets on my nerves and an old school digital battery operated alarm clock.
    Top Drawer: Dry Skin Lotions, pumus stone, battery powered dry skin shaver, multiple gels and toys for intimate times 😁😉
    Bottom Drawer: a never used heated body massage gun and various other bits of junk that I can’t be bothered to go into detail.

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    1. My wife’s night stand has a hell of a lot more stuff than mine. I will say…we have too much stuff everywhere in our little 1 bed apartment, other things as catch all’s.

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  18. I have just a table, no drawers. The table hosts a lamp, two to three books in progress, a statue of Mary, framed picture of Larry and I taken in Hawaii a decade ago, an antique bed warmer that has a lid, inside I keep a lip mask, nail file, inhaler, spare change. Oh, there’s also a small clock and a phone charger. Larry’s side has drawers which are filled with his books and the bottom one has all our extra sheets. I do love my bedroom. Hugs, C

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  19. I have a basic nightstand with one drawer and two shelves. i have some basic things like lotion and nail files in the drawer—along with a few of magazines I haven’t looked at in years. I was keeping the magazines for some reason—-but now I don’t remember what the reason was. The shelves contain a lot of books I haven’t looked at in years. Maybe reorganizing my nightstand would be a good project for my next day off!

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  20. Oh I love things like this, on top I have a purple glass piece of art I brought from a junk shop, I think it’s supposed to be a wave. A polished piece of Amethyst, and a polished piece of Rose quarts.
    In the top draw belts, note books, little souvenirs people have given me over the years, pain killers
    underneath, a torch (for when the power goes out), all the toiletries that won’t fit in the bathroom.

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  21. I think it’s more of a small dresser (that matches the big dresser): a lamp, an actual clock (from undergrad that I still use and still works), a box with I don’t know what in it, crystals, my cellphone, and some photos.

    Inside drawer #1: undies
    Inside drawer #2: socks

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