• Flowers! And I thought that birdhouse was so cool!!
  • The Kimonos exhibit at the Met is just beautiful!! I can’t say I paid much attention to the facts/history though…
  • Gallery 304 at the Met is filled with so much art and artifacts- I could not just show you one thing. These are the things that sparked my interest.
  • Love going to Tribeca Film Festival- didn’t love the movie. Hard pass…

21 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 6/19/22

  1. I remember years ago my dad used to visit NY on business when he first left the city and we moved upstate. He found for my doll collection a beautiful Japanese geisha girl from Chinatown. I loved it although I had fears it would come alive at night and slay me, so I kept it tightly locked up. You do eat at some nice places. I am finding with the heat this year that I lose my appetite, mostly!

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