I haven’t gotten anyone riled up this week, so maybe I need to invigorate the audience…

My husband had relatives come into town this week. They flew in a plane, spent a week in NYC, and stayed in a hotel.

We had dinner plans to see them. Outdoor dining

They asked for us to take a COVID test before we saw them.

Mind you, they were not taking a COVID test before they saw us, nor did we even consider asking them to take a test.

My husband thought about the request, and stated that we would not go to a testing center- if they wanted us to test, we would self test. (my husband got charged a 500$ office visit when he took a test back in January- he was certainly not paying that again, especially as he felt 100% fine)

His aunt agreed.

So yesterday, I got out a self test to test my husband. We figured we would do one test at a time: if my husband had tested positive, my test would be moot, and why waste tests if we didn’t have to. Also- I know me- I would obsess that I mixed up his test and mine…

So my husband takes the test. 15 minutes. Negative. As expected.

As I’m about to prep my test materials, my Husband gets a call from his Aunt. Apparently his uncle is not feeling well. We cancel the dinner plans.

Here are the talking points for today:

  1. If you are not immuno compromised, and are seeing people in a public setting, would you ask your companions to test?
  2. Is it fair to ask someone else to test if you haven’t tested yourself?
  3. What do you think the “rules” are regarding testing?
  4. Should we accept home tests without scrutiny?

78 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: The Covid Test

    1. I heartily agree with all the comments. Just crazy!
      Talking about Covid I had to roll my eyes this week. I went to the Urgent Care for what I knew was a UTI and my Dr’s office didn’t have any openings. The receptionist asked what I was there for. I said UTI. Then she proceeded to ask me if I was exposed to Covid, which I expected that question but then she literally went through a litany of asking me about 15( not exaggerating)other symptoms!! I think that is just ridiculous that they have to do that!

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  1. No I wouldn’t ask someone to test. If I was worried about getting covid I’d just stay away from people or wear a mask. Anyway, for all they know you’ve got some other communicable disease that’ll carry them off…flu for instance. Perhaps we should all have a less serious approach to the possibility of death. If you’re religious you’ll be going to heaven so why the reluctance? If you’re not, here’s your chance to prove your point.

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  2. No, no, feel the same as a couple of earlier commenters..if you’re that concerned (or vulnerable) why in the heck are you travel like that in the first place, and #4, I don’t feel I know enough to answer. And if you’re wearing anything less than an N95 medical mask you’re fool’n yourself. How’d I do? 🙂

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    1. Well, when his aunt originally asked to take the test, my husband called me and his first words were…”don’t get mad but” because he knew it was ridiculous, and knew exactly how I would feel about it

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  3. Me personally, I wouldn’t have agreed to take a test if I felt perfectly fine. Nor would I ever ask someone else to do that. I feel that’s stepping over the line. If someone is THAT concerned, it doesn’t make sense to travel. And honestly, this doesn’t sound like a fun way to live.

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  4. I think it all depends on the age and health of the people you are going to see. I AM immune compromised so of course I have to be very careful and people are careful around me. I don’t leave my house without a mask and never go into highly populated environments. ( I can’t while in cancer treatment). I’ve learned to accept that and honestly it doesn’t interfere with me enjoying my life.. EVERYONE in my circle still wears masks wherever they go and those who travel ALL get tested before they leave on vacation. But many of my friends are in their 60’s or 70’s so they are cautious and take precautions. It’s a way of life these days. I don’t see anything weird about staying safe. And my friends and family are respectful of my health situation and wear masks around me.

    My sister and I FINALLY got to see each other again after months of separation yesterday due to covid outbreaks , which are always high in Florida.( We have a backwards Governor who doesn’t believe in science or masks). Therefore, South Florida is a state where Covid is constantly raging on any given day.

    Anyhow, my sister’s grandchildren got Covid in preschool and were sent home the day after she baby sat for them. (The school was shut down and everyone quarantined). So she was exposed and was quarantined. But then after everyone quarantined and was ok and her grandchildren got better, they went to a birthday party where the bday girl’s relatives came down from up north and didn’t know they had Covid. They spread it to everyone at the party. So it’s not nonsense to ask folks to get tested. That virus spreads like wildfire. Especially in warm environments. In my condo building the couple living above me had their kids and grandchildren down for Mother’s Day. The husband caught Covid from them and was deathly sick. He was hospitalized and it was touch and go for weeks. So yeah, I am wary of of travelers these days. I think you are the one who should be concerned about your visitors rather then they about you. Besides, NY is good about safety regulations so they are more likely to spread the disease than you are.

    Home tests are fine for precaution. If I felt really sick I’d get tested at the doctors. But I don’t see anything wrong with a home test.
    I wouldn’t be insulted if someone wanted me to get tested. Honestly, I think everyone should get tested regularly. But then again I live in a backwards thinking state where many are still not vaccinated. And Covid is always high. Honestly, I don’t understand why staying safe is so offensive to people.

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    1. But if you’re that worried why would you travel across country and stay in a hotel and go around the city? I think it was unreasonable considering their itinerary…like seeing us for dinner at an outdoor restaurant was the greatest way for them to get sick, as opposed to the literal thousands of people they interacted with


  5. I would probably take the test and resent it. My kids who live in the Bay Area are super COVID afraid. They test all the time and wear masks when they aren’t required. At Christmas we rented a huge house in Santa Barbara for our extended family of 14. My kids said we couldn’t invite our best friends over who live in Santa Barbara because they didn’t get vaxxed. The rest of us were. Our friends have jobs where they have to be tested every week. We invited them over. I told our kids it wasn’t their place to dictate who we invited. Do you think my kids were out of line?

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  6. We’ve been extremely cautious, but wouldn’t ever expect someone else to do what we’re not prepared to do ourselves. Damn cheek. No wonder your husband warned you….

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  7. I probably shouldn’t answer, because our area was never swamped with COVID cases. People here were generally low-key about testing. If my relatives were coming and demanded I take a test before seeing them in a public place, I’d suggest we just talk on the phone.

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  8. Unfortunately, my family has recently experienced COVID first hand. We found that some of us continue to test negative despite symptoms and very obvious exposure. Omicron has changed what negative tests mean. Going forward I wouldn’t accept testing as a way to gauge risk at get togethers. So, I wouldn’t ask family to test. I would ask for masking after travel for a couple days to test the waters.

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  9. Firstly if they are that paranoid then they should fly unless it’s an emergency.
    Secondly they should get tested as well.
    Lastly if I’m feeling well then at home test will suffice

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  10. Eek! I’ve never thought to ask someone to test; however, I do ask people to let me know if they don’t feel well, even before COVID. Let me know, so I can make a decision to stay home.

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  11. Any chance they were just looking for an excuse not to meet up with y’all? That’s what came across to me. My daughter’s friend came into town. They were supposed to have brunch. Then she told my daughter that she’d been exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid, but she was still wanting to meet up with my daughter. I mean, really? My daughter gracefully bowed out.

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  12. I think it’s fair that if someone isn’t feeling well, to request that they stay away or decline the invitation. Because regardless of the Covid test result, that seems in everyone’s best interest. But if everyone is feeling fine, then any additional requests seem weird to me. Because life isn’t risk-free, and I don’t mean just Covid but car accidents, falling down and breaking a bone, shootings, etc. You can’t take a test to avoid everything.


  13. The only time we’ve asked someone to test was when my sister and her husband came for Christmas and wanted to be around our newborn grandson. They live in Chicago, and had traveled to St. Louis, and my daughter was concerned about her baby who was only five weeks old. We offered them our own home tests, but they had brought some with them and were okay with testing. All of us who are over five are vaccinated.

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  14. I won’t play the game. I did for the first 2 weeks. Then I realized what a scam the politicians. tech companies, and Big Pharma have run on us. It’s a shame it is so divisive, but that is what they want so that we will not notice our country being kicked into the gutter.

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  15. Very interesting post, LA, and you raise some good questions. Here are my responses: 1) Not likely, perhaps if we were a large group meeting indoors. 2) Definitely not, especially if you are the one who traveled. 3) I don’t have any “rules” to speak of regarding testing, except maybe this: if you have symptoms and/or known close contact and you plan to go out in public, you should test. You should probably just stay home until your symptoms subside, but if you must go out, test. 4) I think home tests are convenient and better than nothing, but if the results are critical (e.g., you are immunocompromised or going to care for someone immunocompromised), a medical test is more accurate as I understand it.

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