I was at the Botanic Garden this week. As I walked through I saw a trio- man, woman, child. The snatch of conversation I heard was this:

Man (holding a small box) You mean these are glasses for people who are color blind?

Woman- Yes they are

Man- (emotional) how much did they cost?

Woman- Don’t worry about that

Man- You mean I’ll finally be able to see all the colors? Thank you- just thank you.

Some weeks you need to see a win, and witnessing this moment of pure joy and love and whatever was a win. I am grateful that I got to witness this beautiful moment.

My mindfulness/journal prompt for the week is INTEGRITY.

Integrity was used in the books I am reading in the following ways:

  1. When you get comfortable with feeling resistance but take action in spite of it, you will start developing integrity with yourself. Shira Gill
  2. Anything smart I’ve ever said out loud is something I learned from you. Thank you for teaching me about living with integrity.

Here’s some things I’m going to think about when I journal about integrity:

  1. Integrity is a hard word to include in a book/poem. Is it a hard word to include in practice?
  2. What is integrity?
  3. Is integrity something we strive for?
  4. Who do I know that exemplifies integrity?
  5. Do people care about integrity?

46 thoughts on “Gratitude and Mindfulness- 6/4/22

  1. A beautiful thing to witness and a beautiful thing to share. Thanks, LA. If we don’t care about integrity we don’t have much left. And we might start with what we expect from our politicians wrt integrity.

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  2. Yes integrity is essential. Certainly something we should all strive for. It means being honest and ethical. Those are principles of character that we should look for in others and should exemplify in ourselves.

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    1. Yes. I think integrity is one of the more classier (?) traits and admirable one. I think it means, along with other things, is do what you say, and walk your talk. I strive for it constantly. It feels solid. Hope that makes sense!

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  3. Oh how precious of a moment to witness! ❤ ❤ Thanks for sharing!
    Integrity is the heart of a person, and so yes, very important! Integrity doesn't make you perfect but it makes you real! The person isn't hiding behind a mask, and as a society we do need to make more of an effort to value integrity. Its become a lost treasure in this world.

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      1. Because we value success more? Any way that we can climb the ladder of success we will do it. Whatever we need to get votes we will say it. Maybe its not that we don’t value it, for we do look up to people that have it. I just think that too many times it gets laid aside as the price to pay for something we else that we feel is better!

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  4. I believe that integrity is a word seldom spoken and seldom spoken of these days. Like the importance of ‘a man’s words is as good as a bond’ and we all know that has become a rare thing. Integrity, it’s meaning, used to be taught to children as something to be valued. It’s a dying thing now and the world will be the worse for it.

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  5. Integrity–something that rarely comes up for discussion these days. It used to be an honor to be called a “man (or woman) of integrity,” but it has become a scarce commodity.
    Glasses for the color blind.–the botanic gardens was the perfect place to present this gift.

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    1. I’m going to write a post about integrity…I think it’s a topic worth discussing! And yes…the gardens in June…perfect for the glasses…and they were near the rose garden!!

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  6. I loved this observation and questioning integrity. Its definition is different for many, depending upon their values. For myself, integrity is being true to my core beliefs, absent intent to cause harm, and yet cutting no ethical ‘corners’.
    It is authenticity at its best! Love the query.

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