POTUS on Broadway
  1. The highlight of the week was seeing fellow blogger Bone and Silver, who was in NYC for her brothers wedding. I met up with her at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and had a lovely time walking around with her and chatting! Always a highlight to put a face to the words!!! But that means I can’t tell you anything about the birdhouses or the thing in the middle of the pond because we were sort of walking around.
  2. Lots of little advertising gimmicks around New York right now… though I have no idea if wither thing is enticing me to buy anything
  3. Mochi donut was delicious. We had the milk tea flavor and it was light and airy and delicious!!!
  4. Saw POTUS on Broadway! Delightful farce about the President, and the women who really run the country. All star cast, highlighted by hilarious Rachel Dratch.
  5. Asian Art at the Met is just striking. Went to The African origin of Civilization exhibit which was supposed to have new stuff- alas it looked like the same stuff I saw last time- so I just took a pic of something I thought was interesting

19 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 5/29/22

  1. Yay- nice to see familiar Botanic Gardens photos- so good to meet up- and I went to a Broadway show last night at Booth Theatre “for colored girls who have considered suicide”, it was dance & poetry, very well done, very good ensemble work, a happy ending despite title!

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    1. The donut was so good! What’s funny is, my daughter and I weren’t out to get donuts. We were running errands and we passed the place and she said she’d always wanted to try one of them…so duh…had to try…

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