Last week I brought up the great butter knife debate: Do I really need them? I asked the group and here’s what I learned about butter knives, how others use them, and how I use them:

Most people stated that they could not spread butter or frankly spread anything with a steak knife. It was at that moment I realized I don’t have as many spreading needs as others do. Want to hear our families dirty secret? We don’t own a toaster- If we want something toasty, we either put it on broil in the oven, or we fry it in a pan, and toss in the butter in the pan so it melts into whatever we are toasting. But we just don’t toast things on a regular basis. And if for whatever reason we are having a baguette with dinner, we use the little butter spreader that came with our set.

We don’t make that many sandwiches in our house. I don’t often spread condiments on bread- I think I make a sandwich once a month- more likely every other month. Occasionally my husband will make tuna (you might remember the tuna v tuna salad debate in our household) but he uses a spoon to add the mayo and a spoon to spread it on the bread.

If I am having people over for dinner, I don’t serve bread. I figure there is always enough of the other stuff so bread is just not needed-

I don’t have children coming over to dinner- my ten year old niece is as close as it comes, but as she lives across the country, children using these things are not a concern.

I also own service for ten of “good” silverware- I have utensils for pretty much every eating need if need be- In fact- it would probably be in my best interest to use my “good” stuff every day.

I don’t have a tremendous amount of storage space- I have two drawers and they hold not only eating utensils, but all things that I need to cook and bake. I tried putting the steak knives with my cooking knives in the knife block, but then it becomes too hard to get the proper knives I need when doing meal prep- which leads me to get very frustrated. I want to store the steak knives in the drawer, but steak + butter is just too much.


Here’s what I have decided to do:

I am going to put five butter knives in a box where I keep my dishes, and keep one butter knife with my prep knives. If I need the extra butter knives within the next three months I’ll keep them. If I have no need for them, I’m donating them.

45 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Butter Knives- The Conclusion

  1. Sounds like a reasonable plan, especially tailored to your situation and needs! That thing about putting a few out just in case then seeing how often they get used within a certain time period before making a major decision is a great solution for other items as well. Thanks for the reminder on that tactic, LA!
    Oh and thanks for the photos!

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  2. Yay! You have a plan, so go for it. You should do whatever makes you happy and whatever works best for your lifestyle.
    But, I have I question. If you get rid of your butter knives how will set your table every night for dinner? I understand you have flatware for entertaining, but for your every day table, do you not put out place settings? Do you use buffet style settings instead ?
    I guess that means I’m old school but I love a pretty table and enjoy setting it traditionally. Granted I will sometimes sit in front of the tv and watch a movie while I eat, but if I have a friend or two over I love setting a nice table. I don’t use my “fancy” flatware quite as often, but I still have a pretty every day flatware set which includes all the matching pieces. So I have trouble envisioning a table setting without the knives. I’m not judging, I’m just curious.
    Setting the table growing up was fun for me. Rather like painting a picture. I’d always like to make it pretty… fold the napkins in different ways etc. And even if I didn’t use my knife it was an accessory to the setting. (Kind of like wearing earrings). But, everyone has to do what’s best for them. I’m sure if you keep or donate your knives, your life will still be wonderful.

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    1. I put out steak knives for dinner every night, if it’s a meal that requires a knife. We don’t usually have people for dinner…we either have them for appetizers and wine before dinner, or dessert afterwards. But if I have guests…good flatware is out


  3. You came to a very practical decision. Our old house of 28 years had a tiny kitchen, so I can relate. Now the new house has a giant kitchen. I literally have a couple drawers and cupboards that are empty.

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  4. No bread? No muffins? No pancakes? No sandwiches? I must confess having fewer “things” is appealing. We have a four hole toaster, I like it and use it regularly. We occasionally get the bread maker out and make bread also. I like the smell of fresh bread baking in the house – my Mom made her own bread daily and of course she made jams, relishes, and so on. My wife does also. We also have fruit trees which we spray and prune etc and so we make sure we use the fruit and my wife does canning and we give canned cherries as gifts in the winter when they are most appreciated. I say we but really when it comes to canning, it’s mostly her. But digging out dandelions and cutting grass is my department. LOL

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    1. We aren’t a big bread family…😆my breakfast is usually a veggie omelet and lunch is yogurt and fruit. My husband tends to have fruit in the morning, and if he’s working from home he’ll have leftovers from dinner the night before (I make extra if I know he’s wfh) or he grabs a slice of pizza. Bread is something I haven’t tried yet…really because we don’t eat much of it. Alas, I don’t have the space to store canned goods


    1. I hate eating off plastic…and worse are the places that give bamboo utensils…I have a sensitivity to that and I can’t eat (I can’t drink oaky chardonnays either…it’s bizarre)

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  5. This is so interesting! I mean seriously, I thought everyone had the same needs and this includes butter knives! We are big into sandwiches, backed potatoes, waffles, bagels, hamburgers, and toast! I have way too many kids but I need more grandchildren so there you have it! Which means our family dinners are “large” affairs. Butter knives are required utensils. What I seem to lose is forks? And I hear you about space. I had the tiniest kitchen when the kids were all home, my stacking skills were renown! I do like your process, put it away and if you don’t need it, pass it on! Hugs, C

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    1. My breakfast is normally a veggie/cheese omelet and my lunch is traditionally yogurt and fruit. Cooking wise, if my husband is home for dinner we have pork/beef/chicken, all requiring steak knife. If he’s not home I make salad, and I pre cut/chop the veggies before I eat it. I took the butter knives out if the drawer the other day and so far I only used my “prep” one once…


  6. Good idea! I used to use butter knives before I got diabetes but now that I don’t eat a lot of bread I don’t really use them. Once again you have me thinking.. thank you!

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  7. OH My your draws are tidy 😀 We don’t own butter knifes, we just use dinner knifes to spread. Question if you cook you bread in a pan with butter isn’t that fried bread not toast? I have never cooked bread in a pan with butter.

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  8. Whew. This was a bit of analysis lol but this is how I can tell you’re a good storyteller/writer…I just sat here and read about how you’ve decided to store butter knives lol

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  9. Great plan, LA, maybe kind of like Marie Kondo light? I know I’ve heard something similar with clothes i.e. if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it.

    I have way too many utensils in way too many patterns. Part of this overabundance was because I maintained and stocked two different kitchens over much of my marriage. Another part is due once again to the fact that Mom took all the utensils from the homes of her friends and relatives after they passed.

    While I was cleaning out ALL the utensils, I opened the classic wooden box in which a proper wife and homemaker was supposed to store her good (and real) silver. In Mom’s case, for some unknown reason, it was filled with matching but only stainless steel utensils. My compromise was to load up that box with three separate sets of service for 6 (or maybe 4? I did it so long ago that I don’t remember) of stainless steel in patterns I liked. Now, I’ll just have to buy a new set of dishes! Oh, and pots and pans but not much bakeware.

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