• I love a Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and Blank Slate does an exceptional one!!
  • Chicken Rice at Veranda was delicious, but the real star of this restaurant is the greenhouse dining room and the Kaws statue on the terrace
  • Dutch Baby pancake at Sona, which is actually an Indian restaurant, so the dutch baby was spiced with cardamom, served with pineapple jam and coconut cream
  • Spent my birthday at American Bar. For dessert, they present to you a sundae toppings menu so that you can make you own sundae. Yum!!
move out successfully completed without crushing one another

30 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 5/15/22

  1. Holbein! I didn’t get to see nearly enough of his work the last time I was in London. Both times I went to the National Gallery, the Renaissance wing was closed, so I only saw what was up in the National Portrait Gallery, which wasn’t very much all things considered.

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  2. Happy Birthday, LA! Great followup to a post on celebrations. I think a lot of the “little” things you post about that inspire you are really mini-celebrations of life. May you be blessed with many more celebrations of your birthday.

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