This is the first year I am not with my mother on her birthday. While she is surely celebrating as she knows best (in her bathrobe with a mug of earl gray tea and a book), I am locked away in my university’s library, toiling away over twentieth-century art and a paper about postfeminism in the television series Sex and the City. Of course, I wish I could be with her, almost as much as I wish I did not know the ins and outs of every study space on this campus. Yet, thanks to my mother’s parenting and instillation of good values, when finals season calls, I pick up on the first ring. 

For many papers I write, I am encouraged to complete what professors in my major call an “analysis map.” Similar to an outline, in a map, one must establish their thesis statement, then the topic sentences of their following paragraphs, along with a general idea of the evidence and analysis used to support such claims. Since analysis maps are all I can currently think about, in honor of my mother’s birthday, here is an analysis map dedicated to her. 

Thesis Statement: My mother’s endless commitment to the academic, social, and wellness components of my life warrant her the title as the best mother in the world. 

Body 1: My mother’s continual contribution to my academic success lays the ground from which I can succeed, thus fulfilling one of the integral components of motherhood.

  • In my K-12 journey, she attended everything I was in, not limited to publishing parties, plays, speeches and debate tournaments.
    • She even sat through concerts, where let’s face it, neither I nor my classmates were very musically inclined.
  • She always encouraged me to do my best in school, showing me the value of hard-work and resilience. When I received an A, there were hugs. When I received a C, there was a hand to pick me back up.
  • Even as I attend college miles away, she is more than willing to pick up the phone to listen to me talk about ideas for my papers or send me good luck texts. If she sees an article about something relevant to my courses, she emails it right away.

Body 2: My mother persistently aids in the social components of my life, at the right times being the best friend every mother is meant to be.

  • Just last week when there was a fiasco relating to the dress I was supposed to wear for my sorority formal, my mother picked up my frantic Facetime to help me understand how to fix the dress and suggest how I should do my hair. She also quickly got on Amazon to send me the appropriate additional items. 
  • Whenever I have questions about life where the advice of a 20-year-old girl just does not make the cut, she is always there, always with answers, even the ones I may initially tell her I do not want to hear. 
  • Similarly, if I am sad, my mother is there with tissues and if I am away at college, she will send photos of our dog and cat that will surely cheer me up. And, if I am happy, my mother is also smiling or sending the thumbs up emoji. My mother keeps my emotions, and my wardrobe, in check.

Body 3: Lastly, perhaps the most important attribute my mother attends to is my health and wellness, making her properly earn the ranking of best mother.

  • Although it sucks to have a cold, whenever I got a cold in my K-12 years, I had a small amount of happiness as I knew it meant I got to receive my mother’s best soup and sandwiches and even more care than normal, which is saying a lot. 
    • Even when I receive a cold in college, my mother still instructs me on which medicine to use, what foods to eat, and per the unwritten mother handbook, reminds me how much sleep to get.
  • Whenever there is a health trend I want to try, my mother is always my biggest supporter. Detox water? My mom bought me the water bottle. Ankle weights? My mom said order a pair. 
  • For every stressful situation, the first person I call is my mother, at attestation to her healing qualities. She magically always knows what to say and do, and helps guarantee that even I, as an overworked college student, can retain some sense of balance and ease. 

Conclusion: My mother is the best in the world because even when we are hundreds of miles apart, her love and wisdom is found in my dorm room, in phone calls, and in emails. 

Hopefully this paper would not have a page maximum, because it appears I could write thousands of pages in support of my claims.

Happy birthday mom. I can’t wait to consume your pasta and receive your powerful hugs next week.  Love you ❤

69 thoughts on “Guest Blogger- My Daughter

  1. Bravo! I give your daughter an A+ on content, sentence structure, and love of topic! And I give YOU an A+ on motherhood! Together you definitely are a dynamic duo!
    Please give your daughter a big hug from moi.
    That was just heartfelt and lovely! Well done! ❤️

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  2. Happy Birthday! I hope your daughter didn’t mix up this with her other papers during finals…you know how crazy those days can get (just a little humor).
    Enjoy the coming days you guys get to be together again!

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  3. Oh! Daughter! You are a writer! You know what to write and how to write it for maximum effect. What a marvelous blessing you are! Thank you for sharing your love for your mother with all of us. The two of you make quite a pair!

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  4. Happy Birthday LA, I just love your daughter, what a beautiful message, and she is spot on when it comes to her Mom! You rock. By the way I would frame that essay and post it in the entry! Hugs, C

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  5. Such a perfect gift for your birthday! Happy birthday. I really enjoyed reading her post because of its structure, vocabulary and light humor/honesty. The tree and the apple. This gift is better than any she could have bought. It took time, thought and effort. I am sure your daughter felt good about this gift also as she put words from her heart out there. Proud Mom and daughter. – all the very best- David

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