• Did a fun run at the Bronx Zoo- it was fun!! We had a beautiful day and the animals were all ready for their close-ups.
  • Food wise- Fun Mexican Iguana! The place turns into a dance club but we were gone way before that !! Enzo’s in the Little Italy in the Bronx- which is a cool little enclave. Elephant and Castle has French Toast Benedict- it’s like my sweet and savory fantasy come to life!!! So good!
  • Did a city walk! Obviously haunted house comes first on my list of “OMG- I didn’t know that.” Otherwise you would have had a picture of Emma Lazurus House…
  • On recommendation of blogger/poet friend R. Douglas I saw Diva at the film forum. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this movie before!! First off- the ending was great! Secondly the editing, cinematography, directing was on point. The movie was gritty, and different from other French films that I have seen. Well done. The only drawback is that it reminded me how unappealing the 80s power suit was…
  • Flowers- courtesy Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • In America An Anthology of Fashion is about to open at the Met. I loved this exhibit!! First off- it wasn’t really about the clothes- it was about the placement which was in the galleries of The American Wing. Just breathtaking. And yes- the clothes were really cool too! If you are in NYC anytime soon I think this is a GO.
  • Last concert of the season for us! Just so glad we were back!!

37 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 5/8/22

  1. I miss the Bronx Zoo. πŸ₯Ή I remember going there over a couple of decades ago and a gorilla put its middle finger up at the crowd gawking at him. πŸ˜† I miss the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, too. πŸ˜” Great pics!! 😊

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      1. At least that’s something. I just checked No 1′ Son’s times for his latest half marathon. A creditable PB, though he was beaten by a number of runners in the Veteran classes. I must mention this to him when we next speak . . . πŸ™‚

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  2. Fashion on display in its IRL time and place setting always adds fun and interest to the history lessons I learn in museums and other such places. I may be in NYC in the early fall so will try to remember to look for/into this exhibit. Thanks, LA

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