I was notified that this is indeed my five year WordPress anniversary!!! I am grateful that I have been able to blog almost daily for five years! I am grateful for all of those who have come along for the ride!!!

Thank you!!

If you need a prompt for journaling or mindfulness:


May I be Well

Enough is as Good as a Feast– Proverb

If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens– Fay Weldon

I’m trying something new- for my word of the week, I’m looking to see how it’s used in the books I’m reading to see different ways of looking at the word- both in fiction and non. Of course, the week I choose to do this the word I picked was truth, and that word is literally everywhere in books- though I wonder if its as important in our day to day world as it is on the page. Maybe we like saying the word more than we like putting it into practice.

Always speak the truth- think before you speak- and write it down afterwards– Lewis Carroll

To live truthfully, to behave in a way that aligns with what is going on within, is scary, energizing, and liberating. Anything else just keeps us stuck.– Polly Campbell

It was the simple truth: the best thing a woman could do for her family was to provide clear and firm guidance. Alina Bronsky

“Giving with no expectation of a return is the only way to give,” he said. That is, of course, the absolute truth, although I had not thought of it before. Delia Ephron

With an open mind, notice the truth in the everyday- in the Buddha nature of things Shunmyo Masuno

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Here’s the truth: most of us have way too much stuff and not enough money. Shira Gill (on a funny note-the word truth is used more times in a book about home organizing that it is in the book of poetry that I took the Corinthians quote from…

And no one would ever tell me the truth but them. It was their job to tell me my flaws, Ba Ba said, because who else would do it? I could not trust the rest of the world. Everyone else would only lie to me out of politeness. Qian Julie Wang

All the truth of my position came flashing on me; and its disappointments, dangers, disgraces, consequences of all kinds, rushed in in such a multitude that I was borne down by them and had to struggle for every breath I drew. Charles Dickens

To breathe is to live, I suppose, and to be aware of breathing is to be aware of living, to be aware of the very simplest truth of yourself, and transcend the world of doing and- for a few sweet, comforting moments- inhabit the world of being. Matt Haig

The truth of it was that I’d probably never have the kind of luck with love the women who live in fictional seaside towns do. Rachel Lynn Solomon

30 thoughts on “Gratitude and Such: 5/7/22

    1. When I searched the books, I was shocked at how often it turns up. It’s become almost a useless word because you’re right…we overuse it to the point of it not mattering

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  1. Happy blogiversary!!🎊 I agree that this word is being used almost glibly in many of these instances. Makes it almost meaningless. How often do we all use the phrase, “To tell you the truth…”?

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