The Two Doors

The Grolier Club is a private club in NYC- Members Only.


Recently, Grolier opened it’s doors to the public for a wonderful exhibit on Sherlock Holmes. Of course I went…

So I see the exhibit (221 artifacts about Sherlock, even though I think there were only 219, but whatever) After I looked at the exhibit I needed to go to the bathroom.


Bathroom through a door and downstairs,


I go down the stairs- Go down a narrow hallway, not particularly well lit, and very very empty.


Finally find the bathroom.


Exit into the slightly creepy hallway. Find the stairs.


Go up the steps.

Turn the doorknob.

Locked Door.

Not fine.

Did I ever tell you I once got locked in an airplane bathroom and I now have a total fear of locked doors and claustrophobia andpanicsetsinifIamfacedwithalockeddoor?





I’m starting to sweat. Two seconds into this escapade and all rational and semi rational thought has escaped my brain. I start imagining that instead of being a club dedicated to celebrating the art and history of the book since 1884, they have some nefarious goings on. Perhaps the Sherlock Holmes exhibit is an excuse to gather all amateur sleuths and bookworms into one place, and enact their own Holmesian mystery. Maybe Moriarty is really in charge.

OMG I’m locked in the Grolier Club and I can’t get out!


What would Miss Marple do?

What would Miss Marple do?

She would probably calm herself. OK- she wouldn’t have freaked out to begin with, but I can regroup…

I shake it off. (Imagine me shaking my head and arms and doing a little jump step)

I try the door again.

No luck.

Deep breath.

I decide to venture back down into the hallway of death, which I am now convinced I once saw in “The Shining”, even though it LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE HALLWAY IN THE SHINING. No tricycles. No twins. No creepy woodwork or wallpaper.

But in my mind I am about to go down into the valley of death.

I turn around…

Guess what I see…

Another door…

And I turn the doorknob…

…open the door…

to find myself back in the lobby of the Grolier Club…

My first thought is- “Really- they couldn’t mark that other door NO ENTRY?”

Then I grabbed my coat from the coatroom and sprinted through the lobby and out the front door.

The Problem is Us

Sign recently spotted on NYC mass transit

To set the record straight: I did not personally see this ad, but I saw an article that posted a picture of this ad.

I know it’s not a great picture, so for those of you who can’t make out what this poster says, I’ll give the basics:

“Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely”

Fyi- the thing they are talking about is heroin. You should be empowered because you are using heroin safely.

You should be empowered because you are using heroin safely?

You should be EMPOWERED because you are using heroin safely???



Ok- let’s think about all the strives we’ve made:

  1. Math shouldn’t have correct answers because it’s unfair to people who don’t know them
  2. Dr. Suess is bad
  3. We can no longer say minority shareholder
  4. Taking heroin is OK as long as you take it with a friend and you take turns

You can clearly see how we’ve made things much better for everyone.

I am so proud that we’ve established these things in the new century.

Next time you send out prayers, next time you write a righteous post about how bad politicians are, next time you argue with someone over the use of a word, here’s a gentle reminder of you much you’ve helped the youth of today: we banned nursery rhymes and made it so real estate agents can’t say master suite…


Go look at yourself in the mirror, or take a selfie, and admit that you have contributed to screwing up the youth of this country.

When did we go from “drugs are bad and you should avoid them to “start with a small dose and go slowly”?







Next time you go to complain about what someone else is or isn’t doing, take a good hard look at what YOU are doing to help empower kids and young adults the RIGHT way. Make sure the things you are doing actually matter in making strong, confident youth.

We are the problem. Say it. I dare you to take blame and responsibility for the ongoing crisis in the world. It’s is only when we all admit that we are individually failing to collectively help our children will we begin to solve the many problems that exist.

I’ll Start:

I, LA, have failed the youth of America by not having a stronger voice in what kids are learning today, and by allowing the agenda to shift to ridiculousness, and still not helping kids be confident and empowered from the inside, where it matters.

If you think that the spirit of the ad is good, that the point should be to save lives, then I suggest we consider the following:

  1. If you are going to text and drive, make sure you reduce your speed to 25 mph
  2. If you are going to drive after you’ve drank or used drugs, make sure you have a passenger with you so that they can wake you up
  3. If you are going to physically abuse someone, start small

If you think an addict is going to remember to take drugs with a buddy, or start small, or any of these things, give me a call- I have a nice bridge to sell you… This will not save anyone. It is a license to a death sentence.

We ask for laws…we enact laws…we say things are illegal….and then we manage to justify them anyway…that’s our legacy…hypocrisy and taking the easy way out.

Rant NOT over…

What Inspired Me: 5/29/22

POTUS on Broadway
  1. The highlight of the week was seeing fellow blogger Bone and Silver, who was in NYC for her brothers wedding. I met up with her at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and had a lovely time walking around with her and chatting! Always a highlight to put a face to the words!!! But that means I can’t tell you anything about the birdhouses or the thing in the middle of the pond because we were sort of walking around.
  2. Lots of little advertising gimmicks around New York right now… though I have no idea if wither thing is enticing me to buy anything
  3. Mochi donut was delicious. We had the milk tea flavor and it was light and airy and delicious!!!
  4. Saw POTUS on Broadway! Delightful farce about the President, and the women who really run the country. All star cast, highlighted by hilarious Rachel Dratch.
  5. Asian Art at the Met is just striking. Went to The African origin of Civilization exhibit which was supposed to have new stuff- alas it looked like the same stuff I saw last time- so I just took a pic of something I thought was interesting

Gratitude and Mindfulness: 5/28/22

I take Betty when I run many of my errands. I was in search of an organizing thingie, and had struck out at Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond. My next stop was Muji, which is a store with an odd assortment of good, including clothes and organizing products. (it also has very reasonable prices, so that’s a big plus…)

So Betty and I are in the store, and there’s a mannequin. Betty went up to the mannequin looking for to be played with… (I never claimed my pets are smart) I said:

“Come on. It’s not a real person.”

To which other shoppers started laughing.

(OK- I may have said “It’s not a real person, dumbass”)

I am grateful that I can bring joy to other people with my dog and my antics.

My mindfulness/journal prompt for this week is HOPE

Hope is used in the books I’m reading in the following ways:

  1. The sweeping minor chords, the pining lift into hope, into desperation, into joy, catapulting into that quick, fast, danceable celebration of light and wind across the water- it was all there. Brendan Slocumb
  2. I have an affection for the road yet (though it is not so pleasant a road as it was then), formed in the impressibility of untried youth and hope. Charles Dickens
  3. If we surrender to the idea that we can’t and needn’t control everything, our expectation is significantly reduced, leading to less disappointment if things don’t work out as we had hoped. Kate Peers
  4. Getting married is an act of hope and optimism- an affirmation of life. Caroline Kennedy
  5. The sheen of spring’s hopeful freshness blanketed all- the bags, the sidewalks, our lives. Qian Julie Wang
  6. When you tackle even a single drawer, you’ll experience success, boost your confidence, and start to feel hopeful, even excited, about tackling the rest of your home. Shira Gill

What I am going to think about as journaling:

  1. When did hope become so narcissistic? Always? It’s rife with narcissism in Dickens
  2. I am a big believer in hope- I think that hope is essential to resilience and yet, when I read how hope is used in books, I can’t help but feel demoralized…
  3. Is hope about trivial things going your way, or is it about the big things?
  4. To feel hopeless is the worst feeling in the world- how do we make people feel less hopeless
  5. This has been a lousy week for both my friends and for the world- is hope enough? When does hope become an action word
  6. One of the quotes that I almost used was something along the lines of, don’t hope you can- believe you can. What’s the difference between hoping something and believing something?
[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

Source: Complete Poems: 1904-1962 (Liveright Publishing Corporation, 1991)

My Month in Books and Movies: May 2022

TitleAuthorGenreBeach Read/Book Club/Personal Introspection/How ToRating
The Comfort BookMatt HaigPositivity/acceptancepersonal introspection1
Zen: The Art of Simple LivingShunmyo MasunoMindfulnesspersonal introspection2
The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar CuisineAlina Bronsky/Tim Mohr translatorliterary fiction/satire/character drivenbook club3
Adult Assembly RequiredAbbi Waxmanwomen’s fiction/character driven/rom combeach read4
Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carrollchildrens/fantasy/plot drivenbook club5
A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple #9)Agatha Christiecozy mystery/whodunit/series/plot and characterbeach read6
Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at LifeDelia Ephronmemoir/survival/lovepersonal introspection/maybe book club/maybe beach read7
Book LoversEmily Henrywomen’s fiction/rom com/character drivenbeach read8
Through the Looking GlassLewis Carrollchildrens/fantasy/plot and characterbook club9
Something WilderChristina Laurenrom com/light adventurebeach read10
How to Live and Awesome Life: How to Live Well, Do good, Be HappyPolly Campbellnon fiction/self help cheerleader styleHow To11
The Killings at Kingfisher HallSophie Hannahcozy mystery/who dun it/Hercule Poirot series/plot and characterBeach Read12
Today Tonight TomorrowRachel Lynn SolomonYA/Rom com/character drivenBeach Read13
In a New York MinuteKate Spencerwoman’s fiction/rom com/character drivenbeach read14
I did not read all these books cover to cover during the month of May- I just finished them in May. I am a mood reader and I will read a book that defines my mood that particular day, and I try to read at least a chapter a day for any book club book.
  1. Comfort Book– I loved this book- it’s just a book that you read a page a day, and basically it’s a big “It’s OK” hug. If you ever need a little pick me up, this is the perfect inexpensive, non caloric, non addictive option. And even if you’re not having a bad day- it’s just nice to get a few sentences of comfort. I recommend this to everyone who lives a full and varied life.
  2. Zen– I loved this book. Chapters are about a page each and they just explain how doing things simply is good for the mind, body and spirit. Honestly, I think this is a great book for any parent to read, because some of the things that the author writes about are the basis for raising a confident child. I don’t care what religion you are, or if you don’t believe in religion- this book is just practical and logical about how to think about your life and your purpose in it. I read a page a day for about five months and it just made me feel good.
  3. Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine– Brilliant satire told from the perspective of the abuser. Very well written, clever tale of the most narcissistic, controlling witch ever. While I don’t like what this character/book represents, the actual book is worth it for discussion purposes. Really eye opening. Also touches on the spirit on communism, if that rocks your boat. This book is not for anyone who gets triggered easily.
  4. Adult Assembly Required– If you are looking for a beach/plane read, and like the rom com genre, this is a good one to try out. Cleverly written, well drawn out, often quirky, characters, the obstacles the characters face aren’t too bad. I also really respect Waxman, but there will be a post about that in the future.
  5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland– There’s actually quite a few layers to this book, especially as it’s technically children’s literature. I don’t know if I would have read this without it being for book club- I know the storyline from movies and such. However, it’s a mainly fun ride.
  6. A Caribbean Mystery-This is classic Miss Marple- only instead of St. Mary Mead we find find murder in the Caribbean. Red herrings, assorted characters, lots of knitting. If you like the genre you will enjoy this light yarn. This was published the year I was born, and goes to that spot on my BINGO card.
  7. Book Lovers If you want a light read about romance and love, this is a pretty good option. The characters are not quite three dimensional, but I liked them. They were written so that I felt good about rooting for them- they were basically good people who had challenges in life that they were trying to get past. Good book for summer.
  8. Left on Tenth– Decent memoir about Ephron’s losing her husband and sister, her new chance at love at 72, and her cancer. This book is fine, if a little lackluster- I felt like some parts were phoned in. I think there are better memoirs out there dealing with similar subjects.
  9. Through the Looking Glass– What can I say about this book? I admit I didn’t like the beginning very much, it sort of annoyed me. However, I love the ending- I thought it was quite tidy and made me smile.
  10. Something Wilder– This is a rom com with a side of action/adventure. If you go into this book with low expectations and are a fan of the genre this book is fine. But an award winner it’s not.
  11. How to Live an Awesome Life- This is my style of self help book- easy to read and digest. Formatting highlights steps to take for positive actions- very easy to put steps into action if you wish. This is a great book for someone who needs someone cheerleading and yelling YOU CAN DO THIS- Tells people to just jump into life and live.
  12. Killings at Kingfisher Hall– This is the continuation of Hercule Poirot. The book is Ok- not quite the cleverness of Christie, but not a bad read if you like the genre and Poirot. Hannah utilizes her sidekick, Catchpool, who is sort of like a young Hastings, and the book is seen through his eyes. I don’t like how she has Poirot disappear for awhile and then reenters the scene and tells us his observations. There’s that old show don’t tell thing again… I don’t want to hear Poirot’s conclusions- I want to hear the evidence and do the deductions along with him.
  13. Today Tonight Tomorrow– If you are a 16 year old and like rom coms, you will probably like this sweet and predictable book. It has some preachy moments that sort of fall flat given the type of book it is, but it’s not a bad book, just not a great one either. This fulfills my BNYA square on the Barnes and Noble Bingo book challenge.
  14. In a NY Minute– New York is a character in this book. Alas, I’m not sure if the author has been to NYC, much less lived here. Just like loving a person, you must see the good and bad…this book tries to make NYC into a happy go lucky place where plucky is the appropriate adjective…the heroine wouldn’t last a day in NYC…meet cute or not. Trite is the best word I can use to describe this book that thinks it’s more charming than it actually is. And there are two storylines don’t really mesh they just take up space. In conclusion- the author should fact check: Alter is in Greenpoint not Williamsburg. When you get the details wrong I just can’t believe anything about a book.
TitleGenreWhere SeenRating
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talentaction/bromance/spoofTheater/AMC1
Bad GuysAnimated/childrens/Theater/AMC2
Hello, BookstoreDocumentaryTheater/Film Forum3
Anais in Loveforeign (French)/rom com/loveTheater/Angelica4
Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessaction hero/marvelTheater/AMC5
Senior Yearteen comedy/awkward situationNetflix6
  1. Unbearable Weight– Nicolas Cage plays himself to outlandish glory. I love when an actor is humble enough to know that they were a meme before there were memes. No- this is not a “great” movie, but I found it highly entertaining and watchable. I guess it’s for people who don’t always want to take things too seriously.
  2. Bad Guys– Cute movie with a moral. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Good is better than bad. Probably not good for really little kids, but it’s a fun little ride. Not much to hold an adults attention, but I could see this being nominated for an Oscar.
  3. Hello Bookstore– This is a charming doc about an indie bookstore and its iconic owner Matt Tannenbaum. This is a love letter to reading and readers, and those who surrounded his store with cash love when he almost went out of business during the pandemic and set up a Go Fund Me. On a side note, I’m pretty sure that Tannenbaum was at the same viewing of the movie as I was- I didn’t say anything because it’s me and I am shy and there was no way I was going up to him
  4. Anais in Love– This is a wishy washy love story. I didn’t like the protagonist- I thought she was too flighty, and I had trouble wanting good things to happen to her. I also hate the trope of young person dating someone older as a parent substitute- it’s boring and too pop psychology and has been done SO many times. Can’t we come up with something better? Pass unless you like irresponsible characters who are in need a reality check.
  5. Dr. Strange– I really wanted to like this movie because I like Dr. Strange as a character and I like Benedict Cumberbatch. However, liking a character doesn’t get you past this confusing plot- just because it’s about the multiverse doesn’t mean it can just twist and spin around with a point. That being said, I’m still all in on Marvel.
  6. Senior Year-High School Senior has terrible accident and lands in a coma. Twenty years later she wakes up and wants to finish her Senior Year of High School. It is exactly how it sounds…Yes- there is a message in this, and there are some interesting moments, but unless you are watching with your 20 year old daughter you can probably pass
I know I have a diagonal BINGO, but I’m going for full card! Luckily my book club books this month satisfy two of the more difficult squares.

Car Shopping

Ok- let’s recap and give you some details about the story I’m about to share:

  1. My dad has always been the driver of the car in his relationship with my Mom. My Mom hates to drive and ever since they moved to New Jersey (which she hates) she really doesn’t want to drive. Something about Route 9 and jug handles gets to her.
  2. My Dad has been ill, has some mobility issues and was having trouble getting into his rather large SUV.
  3. If you’re about to ask whether or not my Father should still be operating a motor vehicle- right there with you.
  4. My Mother continues to let him drive because she said it’s good for his mental health, and he needs the win
  5. Yeah- I know…
  6. My Father was driving and had an accident with my Mother’s 13 year old Volvo (no one was injured but the car was not worth repairing)
  7. Yeah I know…
  8. My parents were left with a large SUV, with a lease that was about to expire and they would need a new car

So now you are up to speed:

So my Husband and I took a day and went out to New Jersey to car shop with my Mom. As my Dad chose not to be on the lease, and the car would essentially be my Mom’s, he did not come with us. This was the first time ever that my Mother would be buying a car without my Father.

First- we had to return the leased car. That was basically easy except for the having to go back to my parents apartment so that my Dad could sign tons of paperwork because old lease was in his name, he was allowing my Mom to return the car, etc… But at least it was straight forward.

Then we had to begin car shopping.

First thing you should know: My Mother only wanted to get a car from a certain dealership because it was close to the house and she would be able to easily get there to service it. The options were Subaru or Ford.

Second- my Mother loves Volvos and has driven a Volvo since 1985.

So for the first hour of car shopping, my Mother complained about how my Father shouldn’t have gotten into an accident with her car.

Seriously- for an hour we heard about this.

As you might be aware, there is a car shortage right now. There are not many new cars available. At this particular Subaru dealership there were six cars available. She ruled out three cars immediately because they were just too large for her to handle.

So for those of you who grew up before common core math and do not go to school in Oregon, this means there were three cars to choose from.

Three cars. Two were the same model, one was more souped up than the other, and the remaining car was very basic and one of the lower end Subaru cars.

They were all SUV’s. My Mother has never driven an SUV. She doesn’t like SUV’s- she likes sedans. The only sedan on the lot was the powerhouse Subaru that was about a million inches long- my Mother had already ruled out the sedan…

We then had another twenty minutes of grieving for the Volvo.

We asked if she wanted to go to the Volvo dealership. She didn’t. It’s a 45 minute drive and she knows she doesn’t want the service bay to be that far away.

So I reminded her that if she wanted to be close to home she needed to buy a car from Subaru or Ford. So we went over to the Ford section.

Admittedly, I fell for this really cool Mustang, Ford had less cars for sale than Subaru, and I could not entice my Mother to buy the Mustang.

Back to Subaru.

Where she walked around the same three cars over and over again.

I told her we didn’t need to buy a car if she didn’t like anything. She balked and said that they really needed a car, and I couldn’t argue that with her. They do live in an area where a car is a necessity.

Finally, I got her to eliminate the lowest price model, which although the smallest, (small is key for my Mom and cars) it did not have electronic seat adjustment, and as she has arthritis and hand issues, she would not want to buy a car with manual seat adjustments.

So now we are between the same model, but different features. I asked the uber patient car salesman what the differences were between the two vehicles.

One of the biggest differences was the safety features- and my Mom is big on safety. Frankly, it also helps that louds noises are made when something is too close. It seemed that one model was better than the other.

Except when my Mom sat in it she said the panel looked like a spaceship.

And then we heard more about my Father ruining her 13 year old Volvo which didn’t resemble a spaceship…

I sat in the passenger seat as she sat in the drivers seat. I pointed out the gear stick had the same controls that her Volvo did- R N D. I pointed to the odometer, the speedometer, the steering wheel, the turn indicator…I showed her that the basic things for operating a motor vehicle were exactly the same…

The salesman took her for a test drive…

She admitted it was a nice smooth ride.

She asked me what I would buy- I told her the Mustang. But my Husband told her he would buy the car that she was looking at.

After I believe six hours of being in the exact same dealership, my Mother signed the lease on her new car.

When we finally got home, I slept for about sixteen hours.

Just Because They’re Famous…

Have you ever looked to a celebrity or famous person and felt like you know them?

Ever have a hero worship thing happening?

A few months ago I told you about the person who sat next to me at a Book Talk hosted by Eugene and Dan Levy… Not long after I posted this, I was watching Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime on Food Network. (Hi- I’m LA and I’m addicted to food competition shows- even the below average ones)

The show was hosted by the uber popular Guy Fieri, and the concept was that he would bring in a group of people, and every week he would evaluate their performance on various tasks regarding cooking, marketing and owning a fast casual restaurant. There would be no weekly eliminations- but everyone would get evaluated and given scores, and the score would accumulate week to week. The winner of the competition would be the one with the highest score. The prize was a Chicken Guy franchise.

Big prize.

But to get that prize you had to be able to accept some harsh criticism if you made a blunder. Here’s my keys to success:

  1. Try new things
  2. It’s ok to make a mistake
  3. If you make a mistake you must own it
  4. If someone critiques you, you must listen with open ears
  5. Learn from your mistakes
  6. Move on

Now back to our scheduled programming:

So guy had a contestant on the show. She was quite good at a lot of things. She was also that teacher’s pet sort of personality- she liked raising her hand and getting the gold star.

One episode she had an epic fail.

Fails happen. People make mistakes or use poor judgement or just don’t think things out properly. This happens to everyone.

But her fail was really one of entitlement. She got mad because no one on Guy’s staff would “help” her. She was in the weeds on a challenge- but for some reason she thought she was entitled to help that the other contestants didn’t receive… She stormed and huffed…

She especially stormed and huffed when Guy called her on the entitlement…

She said something along the lines of – Doesn’t Guy know that he’s my idol? (apologies- I couldn’t get the direct quote because I accidentally deleted the episode before I got the quote and I refuse to pay for HULU premium)

Just because someone is your “hero”, does that mean they should give you special treatment? That they should excuse your flubs because you mean so much to them?

Is hero worship a thing that we should give a hard pass?

Has celebrity worship gone too far?

Do we forget that no matter how famous one is, they’re still human at the core?


The Arc of Feminism

I recently read The Arc by Tory Henwood Hoen. The book talks about a very involved matchmaking site- and we see the story of the two main characters Ursula and Rafael as they get matched up on the site, and their ensuing relationship.

As a Rom-Com, this book is somewhat light and reasonably enjoyable. The style of the matchmaking app gives the reader much to think about regarding dating in the 21st century, and relationships between two people.


You knew there was going to be a however…

The book manages to mention feminism 16 times. 16 times in a book about dating, a book that features a woman who wants a partner so badly she goes to an expensive and completely over the top dating app. I’m not saying that a feminist can’t be married. I’m saying that during one of these waves of feminism, isn’t there at least one that says that a woman is complete without having a man?

Does a rom com need to prove how feminist it is?


Is the author embarrassed that they wrote a rom com, and wants to make sure her feminism card isn’t revoked?

As my new thing is to give you quotes from books that I read, here’s the ways the author used feminist/feminism:

  1. White Carrara marble and rose gold dominated the palette at The Stake, the nouveau feminist wellness club where she and Issa convened as often as their schedules allowed- usually once or twice a month.(Hoen) Do we need to call a wellness club feminist? Is getting a massage and a mani bad, so we need to call it feminist to take the edge off that sometimes woman may want to treat their bodies because they might be stressed out, being a feminist and all?
  2. Some argued that rather than advancing the feminist cause, The Stake bastardized it. (Hoen) Ok- we can see here that quote 1 was not satire- the book is trying to make some sort of feminist statement. Wellness spas- friend of the feminist or foe?
  3. Right, like you get together at your feminist wellness club and drink green juice and complain about dating.” said Issa. Are we mocking feminism here?
  4. Orla’s engagement crumbled in the ensuing weeks once Chip realized that not only would there be no inheritance, but that Orla also had what he called a “latent feminist temperment” that he found troubling.” (Hoen)
  5. This was convenient, since her thirties coincided with the rise of fourth-wave feminism. (Hoen)
  6. Is he a real feminist or just a self-described ‘feminist‘ who actually wants to teach you how to do things you already know how to do? (Hoen) Is this how we judge men- trying to figure out which type of feminist the guy is?
  7. On my own, I am this well defined, strong, feminist, career-driven person.(Hoen) So -can we be a feminist and be in a relationship? Or is the implication that once I becomes we, we is no longer feminist?
  8. He has feminist values, but he doesn’t brag about being a feminist in that annoying way that some men do, when they’re just doing it to curry favor with women? (Hoen) Can men be feminists?
  9. It was a good investment on Mike’s part, although the irony was not lost on Ursula that all of the funding for this feminist-wellness empire came from middle-aged men hoping to profit from it. (Hoen) If this was the only time that feminism was mentioned in the book, I would be happy with it. This is a solid thought and observation, but it gets mired in the rest of the feminist bull.
  10. When I think about what it means to be a working woman and a feminist, you’re the person I think of. (Hoen) Can you be a working woman and not be a feminist? I mean, isn’t the whole bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan cause I’m a woman W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again the theme that feminism was based on?
  11. “Our child will be too busy leading a post-capitalist feminist revolution to worry about things like racquet sports.” (Hoen) This one just annoys me. Talk about a man trying to curry favor with a woman…
  12. “You don’t have to singlehandedly solve for the ills of the capitalist system, and you don’t have to win Most Valuable Feminist every year,” said Rafael. (Hoen)
  13. “Isn’t feminism about freedom of choice, anyway?” he asked. (Hoen) I ask that very question
  14. “Aren’t feminists allowed to take breaks too?” (Hoen)
  15. “Your whole ‘woke feminist” schtick has gone a little far,” said Roger. (Hoen)
  16. “I think fourth-wave feminism has veered a little off course,” said Issa as they drank their moon water and stared into the flames. (Hoen)

Do you think books throw in certain topics so that they can seem weighty or relevant?

If we are reaching for a light/beach read, do we want to be listing the pros and cons of feminism in our heads?

Is the true meaning of feminism live and let live- do as you please with no judgement? Or do we use the veil of feminism to continue to judge other women?

What has had more waves: Covid or feminism?


Resizing the Nest

One of the biggest things I learned this past year was readjusting how I cook. I am no longer making meals for three- I am now making meals for two. This has forced me to take a deeper look into my cookware- what items I need, what items I can toss and what things I need to buy in a smaller size.

As of now, I haven’t yet tossed anything- but I do wonder how much cookware I actually need. And bakeware- I have only recently begun baking- yet I seem to have every sort of pan needed to bake things…

But you know what the problem with baking really is? You have to do something full size. When it comes to cooking, it’s very easy to adjust a recipe dependent on how many people are eating…But baking? A nine inch layer cake is a nine inch layer cake and I don’t have the chops to figure out how to half the recipe… I can’t quite seem to master what half an egg is…

So I’ve been trying to come up with ways to try and bake delicious concoctions, but doing them in small sizes so that I don’t have dessert for days…

I’ve found that cookie dough is pretty easy to adjust- well- sort of adjust. I now freeze half of the dough, either as a log that can be sliced, or as individual cookies separated by parchment. This way I can bake just a few cookies at a time.

Pudding recipes are easy to reduce- it’s not exactly baking, so the measurements don’t have to be exact. I made a killer faux chocolate mousse that was easy to adjust for just two portions.

I have considered freezing half of a cake, unadorned, and then defrosting and frosting it as needed- just wondering how the texture will hold up.

I’m lousy at pie crust, so I don’t even want to begin to play with that recipe- I can’t even make a regular one…Mini? Forget about it…

So my questions for you are:

  1. Do you mini bake? If so, what do you think the easiest things to microsize are?
  2. Do you just bake something you feel like eating and then give away the unused portions?
  3. What are your favorite baked goods?
  4. Do you prefer homemade or bakery desserts?